Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer wrap up/Moving is the worst

I feel like summers are always crazy. We're always trying to do a bunch of stuff, travel, have fun. And I feel like summers always have an element of change. Our summer was definitely full of change and I'm so glad that fall is here. And getting settled down.

So here's a photo summary of our summer. Thanks to my iPhone.

1. We started off with moving out of our Kingsport, TN loft. I loved this loft. And honestly, I loved living in Tennessee. Maybe not forever. But we had a couple sweet years there.

2. We lived in a hotel for three weeks. We looked at lots of houses. We ate horrible food. Like this. A McChicken inside a McDouble. Caleb calls it a McOlo. I've also heard it called a McGangbang. Whatever it is, it is awful. And wonderful.

3. We got to hang out with George and June. We missed them!

4. We moved into our apartment.  We slept on an air mattress for a few days. The movers came and bought our stuff and unloaded it for us. It was lovely.

5. I turned Twenty Six. I feel old.

6. I started a new job on the Medical Transplant ICU at KU Hospital. I work at night. It is crazy and hard but I am loving it.

7. We went on family vacay to Orlando, FL. Harry Potter world holds a little piece of me.

8. My mom and I went to Indiana for my Grandma's 90th birthday.

9. We closed on our house. And started too many projects. I always think projects are going to be super fast. And they are. Never.

10. We finally moved into our new house. And it is awesome. And full of boxes.

We did a lot of moving. Can I just say that moving is the worst? Moving from the apartment to the house was especially fun because it seemed to last But we are here! I have so much good stuff to share. Mostly DIY projects. And pictures of my lovely house with a dead, weed filled yard. I'm loving it.