Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Registry madness

I'm bringin' sexy back.

Guys, I'm back. After a year long hiatus, I've decided that the blog will live on. For one major reason: I'm preggo! And it seems that everyone on Facebook and in real life is also pregnant. Weird. I totally thought I was going to be the only one. (Ha.) Basically, I've just been dying to document pregnancy and connect with other pregnant women/new moms/moms/anyone. I like group projects, ok? I like knowing that I'm not the only one. So here we go!

Some quick facts about my pregnancy so far:

1. I'm currently at 22 weeks, over half way! Yay!
2. Due date is October 18th. Praying I make it there so I can skip all the holidays at work this year. Sorry coworkers. But not really.
3. It's a BOY!
4. I've been craving sweets. Candy, doughnuts, fruit. Can't wait to see how much I've gained at my next appointment!
5. I'm excited and scared. Sometimes I cry at dumb things. I sleep a lot. My husband is very patient and kind. Poor guy.

So my goal for the next few months is to throw out a couple blog posts a week. One documenting my personal pregnancy and one asking questions and getting advice. Everyone loves to give advice to a pregnant lady! Just let it all out here. Give me all the advice you want. I may or may not take it.

That's it friends! I'm excited to blog and share and connect. Pregnancy is an amazing, wonderful, horrible adventure that I thought would probably happen to me "some day." If this blog were sexy, I'm definitely bringing it back. (Also, if anyone wants to take me to Justin Timberlake in July, I will gladly free up my schedule!)

First order of business: registries. We are going to register this weekend. I feel weird about registering, like I expect people to buy us stuff, which I totally don't. But it will be really great to have a comprehensive list of everything we need. What are your must have registry items? Any links to a really great registry? Where did you go to register and why? I want to get everything we need without getting wayyyyy too much. Any and all registry advice welcome! Feel free to comment on here or on Facebook.

(Love this registry by Cup of Jo)

Happy Wednesday!