Thursday, May 31, 2012

The newest member of our gun family

Oh hey, I know you may have thought this blog was dead because of my absence. I assure you, it is not. We have been moving and looking at houses and interviewing for jobs and hanging out with our fams. But I still have lots of Tennessee goodness to catch up on. 

First, and most important, Caleb got a new gun.

Why? I don't actually know. He needed to round out his collection with a rifle. To protect the homestead. To shoot things. To look super bad ass.

Here he is friends, holding his guns. Newest is the rifle in the front. 

Ladies, he's taken. 

 Apparently when you purchase enough firearms, there is a club you are invited into. Or maybe its just when you purchase a rifle. Which would make sense with the name: National Rifle Association of America. Extra bad ass points for you, Mr. Caleb Baker.

Two years in Tennessee has brought us three guns and many knives. Not quite right that we are leaving just when we started to fit in!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Girls night+skinny margaritas=FUN

So I promise that this blog is not dead. I have much to blog about and will get down to business. But things are about to get ca-razy. We are moving back to Kansas City at the end of May. Yay! Excited and nervous all at the same time. Bittersweet since we have really enjoyed living in Tennessee. Since everyone is getting ready to move, the Kiewit girls decided to have girls night on Friday. And it was so much fun!

Left to right: Me, Jami, Yliana, Debby, Kara, Cassie, and Shelly
We ate a lot of food. Chick food. Like chips and dip and mini meatballs and crack potatoes. That's right. Crack potatoes. I like how girls prefer lots of snacks to an actual meal. Its kind of my favorite.

Snickers salad in the background here. Did you know that you can cut up snickers, apples, mix them in some cool whip and call it a salad? Its magical.

Chick food. Oh, and wine.

I have loved getting to know all the Kiewit girls on this job. I love how everyone comes together as family and supports each other. We moved out here knowing no one so its refreshing to know that no matter where move to next, we will probably know someone!

Here's my recipe for skinny margaritas. I got it from Pinterest, there isn't even a link attached to it, so I have no source for you! But it is delish.

Skinny Margaritas

24 oz Sprite Zero
1 can frozen diet limeade (I used a can of frozen margarita mix because I couldn't find such a thing)
1 bottle Corona light
12 oz tequila

Mix together and enjoy responsibly!

Love you all, Kiewit girls!

(Coming up on the blog this week: more guns and Tennessee life. We have soak up the last few weeks!)