Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gender Reveal Fiesta!

I'm finally getting around to sharing our gender reveal party pics because:
1. I'm pregnant and tired.
2. I've been hitting the overtime like a boss.
3. It's been a year since I've posted pics on this blog and in that time we got Lightroom for our photos and I'm really bad at it. 

But yay! Here they are! Picture overload. Gender reveal was at the very end of May. We went to the ultrasound and Caleb found out the gender and I didn't. He didn't want to be surprised in front of people. (Surprised=slightly disappointed if it's a girl?? He denies this.) I like being surprised. And I like surprising others. And I like parties. So here we go.

My co workers voted. I like this list. 

Gender reveal, fiesta style. Because gender reveals are getting slightly overdone and cheesy. But I don't really care. I'm slightly overdone and cheesy ok? And I love a good fiesta. If only I could drink a margarita. Sigh. (The dirty towel is to wipe the dog's paws. Keeping it real here.)

I apologize for everyone's facial expressions. I did not edit these photos. It's because I love you all so much just the way you are!

If you've ever been to a party at my house, there's a good chance I served tacos. I love tacos. And they are super easy to feed a crowd with.

I just make taco meat and then set out all the taco stuff. And serve Coke in glass bottles because it reminds me of Mexico.

Caleb filled up the pinata with correctly colored candy. 

It's a BOY!!! (And then Sophie ate like five pieces of candy before anyone noticed.)

My parents dressed appropriately. 

Kerry made these amazing beautiful cake! I'm obsessed with sweets so I ate most of it by myself.

Love. You should hire this girl to bake stuff for you.

Yum. For reals.

It took approximately 20 tries to get this pic. But I kind of love it.

I'm going to tell you something here: Razzles are actually gross. I didn't even know.

Thanks to our family and friends for putting up with this gender reveal madness. Thanks to my mom for helping me with party prep. And thanks to my sweet hub and Audrey for taking some pics for me!

Baby Boy, we are so excited to meet you!!