Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What to wear to a rave

The weekend did not exactly go as planned...a warm fall weekend full of farmer's market, adorable craft booths, and lots of picture taking. The weekend was in fact, rainy. I did go to the farmer's market but since it was raining and all the farmers were annoyed, I did not take any pictures. The "Fall for Downtown" festival that happened on my street was boring. Pretty much like all crafty festivals are. I like creativity, not more junk. I think we took one picture, it was of me getting a free handscrub at the adorable boutique downstairs. A beautiful place full of shoes, purses, and accessories. I have to look at all its goods multiple times a day going in and out of my apartment. So naturally, every so often it steals some of my money.

But back to the main point of this posting. I started this blog to document all the funny, crazy, things we do. I'm pretty sure a rave classifies as such. You read that right. We went to a rave. Caleb has a friend at work that we hang out with a lot. On Friday he asked if we would like to go see "DJ Bassnectar" with him in Knoxville. Um, duh.

From my internet research, I gathered that a concert is classified as a rave when there are DJs and general techo music. Check. Now what to wear? Since I've never been to a rave, I didn't know. Fortunately I have the world wide web to help me out and I found these fantastic tips. Since my supply of body glitter has been out since the 7th grade and I do not own any furry animal backpacks, I decided to wear what I was originally going to wear that night: a cute summer dress with leggings underneath. I did add the super cute flats and watch that I bought at the above mentioned boutique that very day. Oh, and I did paint my nails black with glitter on top. Which basically looks awesome whether or not you are going to a rave.

Anyway, this rave didn't start until midnight. Which is three hours past our normal bedtime. On a Friday when we are basically totally exhausted anyways. I met up with the guys at the house they were "jamming" at and we headed out around 11. My husband slept the 45 minutes to Knoxville and I was getting more and more annoyed. What am I doing going to a rave? With a sleepy husband? Who is this DJ Bassnectar dude anyway? But never fear, all annoyances were immediately gone when we arrived at the rave location.

About the Rave:
1. It was in a warehouse type venue. Which seems typical for raves.
2. We got in for free because we have connections. Yes dear readers, even in Tennessee I have connections. *Side note: people were paying $25 to get into this rave. And it was sold out. Who are these people?*
3. The main event, DJ Bassnectar started playing 10 minutes after we arrived. Perfection. And it was so loud that no one was sleepy anymore.
4. If you have any kind of seizure disorder please do not go to a rave. The flashing lights will give you a seizure. They might give you one anyway.

I think this is the best picture. You can see the all the people and the lights and the other people taking pics with their cell phones.

5. I did not take my camera because I didn't want it to get mauled. But I couldn't resist being paparazzi with my phone. Even though the pics didn't turn out great, it was just an adventure.

6. Not sure if you can really tell in this picture below, but you should wear lots of things that glow in the dark. Or just wave them around.

7. Also appropriate to wear to a rave are crazy costumes you may have laying around. Like this dog.
I saw this dog later in the night with the top part of his costume pulled down.

8. It gets really really really hot. With hundreds of people jumping around and limited ventilation, everyone is sweaty and gross. You can actually see the evaporation coming off of people's drinks because it was so hot in there. And you can see the evaporation on the pipes above. This is also why I didn't take any pictures of us or our friends. I typically like pictures of myself looking good. Not gross.

9. Other wardrobe options: your fairy costume, a sports bra and running shorts, crazy masks, and funny shoes. Like these boots. 
I don't know why you would wear boots to something this hot. But clearly this girl and the dog were in cahoots.

10. Disclaimer: I have heard that there are generally drugs being used at raves. We did not use any drugs and neither did our friends. We drank. Water. Lots of water. So we wouldn't pass out from heat exhaustion.

11. The music was fun. It was a pretty enjoyable experience all around. The most fun part being watching crazy people in crazy outfits dance like maniacs. Just put your arms up and bounce and you will be dancing like a true raver.

12. My husband is staying home from work today because he is sick. Probably because he had to breathe in everyone's germs at the rave.

13. Just in case you want a whole minute of raving in front of your computer here is the video I took. I think this pretty much sums it up.

So that is it. Our excitement for the week. Absolutely worth it. I think I got my rave fill for the next 10 years.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ode to Kerry and Cara

Ah, the first of four days off. I hope to find some blog worthy events this weekend. One of them certainly will be the Kingsport Fall Festival, which is happening on Saturday. Because as I have quickly figured out, Kingsport loves its festivals. I also hope to take some good pics of the farmers' market. Because it is heaven. But as for today, my hub has taken the camera to work and so I can't show you my newly organized kitchen (aren't you so disappointed...oh wait...you totally don't care!).

Anyway, within the past 14 hours I have had lengthy phone convos with two of my bffs, Kerry and Cara. These two girls have been there for me since I moved to Olathe at the sensitive age of 12. Since I am now 24, that means that we have been friends for half my life. Whoa. They included me into their group in the 6th grade. We got through junior high together, being goofy, having sleepovers, and passing notes in class. We entered high school together, me driving them around in my sweet ride (ha!), discussing important boy related issues, and passing pre-calc with some "help" from our smart friend Stanley. Kerry introduced me to the world of cooking with our epic dinner party our junior year of high school. I so wish I had pictures of this.

My parents moved right after I graduated high school and I moved into Kerry's house for the summer. The three of us started college at KU in the fall. And here is where the pictures begin. Because I bought a digital camera for myself as a graduation gift. And the vast world of facebook was introduced to me in the fall of 2005. I actually have many more pics of me and Kerry because umm...we lived together for two years, plus some summers. Cara, it doesn't mean I love you less!!

Ker and I in our dorm room. Clearly in the early fall before I gained the Freshman 25.

Halloween 2005. Hot.

Halloween 2006. Hotter.

Last day in our apartment, May 2007. A sad day!

After two years at KU in Lawrence, I moved to KC to go to nursing school at the Med Center. Cara was going to UMKC so we lived like 5 minutes apart. The pictures with her increase at this point. 

Kerry's birthday...not sure which one!

Ker's grad party

These girls signed off on my new bf about 5 years ago. After I got engaged, they were immediately in my wedding party and thrown into wedding planning full force. Hello, bridal shows, dress shopping, looking at reception sites, and pouring over bridal magazines. 
Some pics from my beautiful bridal shower:



And bachelorette party...

And Plaza Art Fair a few weeks before the wedding...

Something funny is happening here.

And the wedding day festivities. Successful in part, due to the hard work of these two.

I love them!

So, in conclusion, these girls are the best. I miss them a ton. I hate being forever away from them but with 12 years under our belt, I think we will survive.

Alright, I'm off to do a Jillian DVD workout and buy a camera tripod. Can't wait to document my weekend!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Home Improvement, Part 1

So I've been wanting to put up pictures of our place but I wanted to do it when everything was perfect and decorated and organized. That is happening slowly so I decided to put up what was done: the bathrooms. Thats right, the only rooms in my apartment that are complete are the bathrooms. I work a lot, ok?

So here it is. The rooms that are done.

First up, guest bath. Note the cool sinks and mirrors in both bathrooms.
I'm getting obsessed with candles, I think they are very "fall-y." Also, I'm in love with this shower curtain. 

I put an inspiration quote plaque across from the toilet. So you can be inspired while you...sit. It actually looks better in real life than it does in this picture.

Next, master bath.
There is a clock. Because I have my morning routine down to the minute.

I cleaned the shower for these pictures. Just so you know.

I did have to buy this adorable little storage system because this bathroom is seriously lacking drawers. And if you have ever lived with me, you know I have massive amounts of lotions, hair products, make up, ect.

I've also put together various pieces of furniture. 
This bookshelf probably took me 5 hours. Not even kidding. 

We also put together a desk and matching file cabinet. Which I will post pictures of when I get our cute little office nook put together the way I want. I'm actually really tired of putting together furniture.

I'm trying to be cute and creative and use things that I already have instead of buying new things. So I took all my fun cloth napkins and put them in this cute glass pumpkin. (Fall! Yay!)
Now all I need is some candles for those holders...

I also bought these curtains for the living room. I'm not sure how I feel about them and even more, the curtain rods. Opinions, please. I actually think they will look better when its dark outside. Or even just when the sun isn't shining directly on them.
I like the red. I think it looks good with the dark wood and brick wall.

So that's about it for our apartment right now. More to come, don't you worry. Because I'm sure you were.

Next item of business: these amazing apple dumplings. Here is the story. Last week, I made all these dinners that had hidden vegetables in them. My husband was not happy. So I decided to make it up to him this week with things like steak and chicken and pasta and mashed potatoes. And these awesome easy little apple dumplings. You should make them this weekend. Seriously.
Does that not look delicious or what?

They involved crescent rolls from the tube, apples, butter, sugar, cinnamon, and whipped cream. And the secret ingredient, Mountain Dew. Warning: these are not for skinny people. And note to my bff Kerry, yes I did make the whipped cream myself. With some heavy cream that was hanging out in my fridge. (Note: skinny people do not keep heavy cream in their fridge.)
Here is the link to for life-changing apple dumplings. They take like 10 minutes to make and are really really really good.
I finished them off for breakfast this morning. Right before I did my Jillian Michaels workout video. Balance is what I'm looking for.

Last but not least, a good quality picture of me after I burned my lips on jalapeno. I made this awesome dip, licked my lips, and lived in torture for the next hour.

Alright, I'm off to a 3 day work weekend. Which I'm sure my hub won't mind a bit since Halo Reach arrived at our house yesterday. (Thanks Mathew Lewis.) Have a beautiful weekend and make yourself some apple dumplings!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good 'Ol Rocky Top

Due to working overtime and making moolah, my blog posts have been lacking. Not for lack of fun times in East Tennessee...just for lack of time to make blog posts.

Recap of exciting things that have happened in the last couple weeks:
1. Mullet Man became Buzz Man. I did take pictures and wanted to post some of them but decided he looked like a cancer patient. So I did not. Because I love him and I want him to not hate me. Let's just say the hair was very, very short. Like, there was almost no hair. It has since grown and he no longer looks completely bald.

2. We went whitewater rafting last weekend with some guys from Mullet Man's work. It was a beautiful day on a river that went through the Smokey Mountains. I couldn't take pictures because...we were on a boat...fighting our way through rapids. I had to pay attention people! Despite wedging my feet deep into the boat, when our guide steered us into a large rock, I flipped out into the river. One of the guys had a video camera on his helmet and caught the action. Awesome. I do have some sweet bruises to show for it. It was smooth sailing from there on, we had a blast!

3. Yesterday we went to the University of Tennessee football game in Knoxville. This was quite the event sponsored by Kiewit, Mullet Man's place of work. It started bright and early in the morning, where we met up at 11am to take a couple charter buses to Knoxville. At this time, it was raining. We prepared ourselves with layers of clothing and ponchos. At our arrival to the tailgate site, the sun came out. Scorchingly. Kiewit provided a massive camper, large screen tvs, never-ending drinks, and a delish tailgate spread from Calhoun's (bbq and tons of sides). Tennessee fans love football. Seeing seas of orange and hearing obnoxious chants of "Its great to be...a Tennessee Volunteer!" made us miss KU. Oh the Rock Chalk chant, waving the wheat, that beautiful KU blue...*Sigh.*

A good example of UT spirit

A UT decked out car...impressive

Anyway, after roasting for a few hours and gorging ourselves on food at the tailgate, it was finally game time! We headed to Neyland Stadium with the masses and found our seats...literally at the top of the stadium. Which is significantly bigger than KU's Memorial Stadium. I kind of wanted to vomit when looking down. But I gathered my strength to sit down and enjoy the game. UT does put on an impressive pre-game. With the largest marching band of any University and the releasing of doves in honor of September 11th, I was thoroughly impressed. (All these pictures are taken by my phone, since I didn't want to subject my camera to intense weather conditions.)

The players running out onto the field through the marching band. Please note all the orange everywhere.

The jumbotron....please note how high up we are.

Well, we were having a grand time until about 8 minutes into the first quarter. We we noted all the players running of the field. And there was an announcement, "We have received notice of inclement weather including lightening within 6 miles of the stadium...the game will resume after this weather has passed...please take shelter....you will be allowed back into the stadium with your ticket stub."

What inclement weather? We didn't see any lightening. Come on people. Lets play football. Since Mullet Man and I are hard core (ha!), we decided to stick it out with all the other Kiewit people. Surely the game will resume in a few minutes. But check out these storm clouds...

See how that once full stadium is now looking much emptier?

"Oh look how the storm is moving past us...it's not even going to hit this stadium."

Note how the storm seems to be heading straight for the stadium.

After this picture and about 5 more of the same announcements, I saw the lightening. Not far from me. And I was at the highest point of the stadium. Surrounded by metal. And flag poles. More lightening is noted. People are now in mass exodus of the stadium. Kiewit people are still holding their ground. I calmly and rationally suggest to Mullet Man that we perhaps take shelter. He agrees. We start for the exits. And then the monsoon starts. Sheets of rain come down. *Note: we left our ponchos at the tailgate site because the sun is scorching and there would be no need for ponchos.* We are now immediately soaked. There is no more picture taking at this point.

We finally get out of the stadium and decide not to wait for the game to resume. We head back to the tailgate site where a bus comes to take us home. We ride for two hours in our wet and now cold clothes. Once arriving home, we take hot showers and put on dry clothes. It is now midnight. We decide that after our ordeal, we are starving. So we go to McDonalds and get two nutritious Big Mac meals and find that "Date Night" has arrived from Netflix. So we spend the wee hours of the morning enjoying being dry and warm. Ahhh. 

Dear UT: We enjoyed your game day experience. Maybe next time we will bring sunglasses, sunscreen,  a change of clothes, and a better idea of what the weather will be.  We enjoyed your stadium, your marching band, and learning "Good Ol Rocky Top." We think your chant "It's great...to be... a Tennessee Volunteer" is a little silly. We are glad we had the chance to see you score six points before you ended up being beat by Oregon.  Good luck in the rest of the season! And as always, Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
Love, The Bakers