Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ode to Kerry and Cara

Ah, the first of four days off. I hope to find some blog worthy events this weekend. One of them certainly will be the Kingsport Fall Festival, which is happening on Saturday. Because as I have quickly figured out, Kingsport loves its festivals. I also hope to take some good pics of the farmers' market. Because it is heaven. But as for today, my hub has taken the camera to work and so I can't show you my newly organized kitchen (aren't you so disappointed...oh totally don't care!).

Anyway, within the past 14 hours I have had lengthy phone convos with two of my bffs, Kerry and Cara. These two girls have been there for me since I moved to Olathe at the sensitive age of 12. Since I am now 24, that means that we have been friends for half my life. Whoa. They included me into their group in the 6th grade. We got through junior high together, being goofy, having sleepovers, and passing notes in class. We entered high school together, me driving them around in my sweet ride (ha!), discussing important boy related issues, and passing pre-calc with some "help" from our smart friend Stanley. Kerry introduced me to the world of cooking with our epic dinner party our junior year of high school. I so wish I had pictures of this.

My parents moved right after I graduated high school and I moved into Kerry's house for the summer. The three of us started college at KU in the fall. And here is where the pictures begin. Because I bought a digital camera for myself as a graduation gift. And the vast world of facebook was introduced to me in the fall of 2005. I actually have many more pics of me and Kerry because umm...we lived together for two years, plus some summers. Cara, it doesn't mean I love you less!!

Ker and I in our dorm room. Clearly in the early fall before I gained the Freshman 25.

Halloween 2005. Hot.

Halloween 2006. Hotter.

Last day in our apartment, May 2007. A sad day!

After two years at KU in Lawrence, I moved to KC to go to nursing school at the Med Center. Cara was going to UMKC so we lived like 5 minutes apart. The pictures with her increase at this point. 

Kerry's birthday...not sure which one!

Ker's grad party

These girls signed off on my new bf about 5 years ago. After I got engaged, they were immediately in my wedding party and thrown into wedding planning full force. Hello, bridal shows, dress shopping, looking at reception sites, and pouring over bridal magazines. 
Some pics from my beautiful bridal shower:



And bachelorette party...

And Plaza Art Fair a few weeks before the wedding...

Something funny is happening here.

And the wedding day festivities. Successful in part, due to the hard work of these two.

I love them!

So, in conclusion, these girls are the best. I miss them a ton. I hate being forever away from them but with 12 years under our belt, I think we will survive.

Alright, I'm off to do a Jillian DVD workout and buy a camera tripod. Can't wait to document my weekend!

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