Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What to wear to a rave

The weekend did not exactly go as planned...a warm fall weekend full of farmer's market, adorable craft booths, and lots of picture taking. The weekend was in fact, rainy. I did go to the farmer's market but since it was raining and all the farmers were annoyed, I did not take any pictures. The "Fall for Downtown" festival that happened on my street was boring. Pretty much like all crafty festivals are. I like creativity, not more junk. I think we took one picture, it was of me getting a free handscrub at the adorable boutique downstairs. A beautiful place full of shoes, purses, and accessories. I have to look at all its goods multiple times a day going in and out of my apartment. So naturally, every so often it steals some of my money.

But back to the main point of this posting. I started this blog to document all the funny, crazy, things we do. I'm pretty sure a rave classifies as such. You read that right. We went to a rave. Caleb has a friend at work that we hang out with a lot. On Friday he asked if we would like to go see "DJ Bassnectar" with him in Knoxville. Um, duh.

From my internet research, I gathered that a concert is classified as a rave when there are DJs and general techo music. Check. Now what to wear? Since I've never been to a rave, I didn't know. Fortunately I have the world wide web to help me out and I found these fantastic tips. Since my supply of body glitter has been out since the 7th grade and I do not own any furry animal backpacks, I decided to wear what I was originally going to wear that night: a cute summer dress with leggings underneath. I did add the super cute flats and watch that I bought at the above mentioned boutique that very day. Oh, and I did paint my nails black with glitter on top. Which basically looks awesome whether or not you are going to a rave.

Anyway, this rave didn't start until midnight. Which is three hours past our normal bedtime. On a Friday when we are basically totally exhausted anyways. I met up with the guys at the house they were "jamming" at and we headed out around 11. My husband slept the 45 minutes to Knoxville and I was getting more and more annoyed. What am I doing going to a rave? With a sleepy husband? Who is this DJ Bassnectar dude anyway? But never fear, all annoyances were immediately gone when we arrived at the rave location.

About the Rave:
1. It was in a warehouse type venue. Which seems typical for raves.
2. We got in for free because we have connections. Yes dear readers, even in Tennessee I have connections. *Side note: people were paying $25 to get into this rave. And it was sold out. Who are these people?*
3. The main event, DJ Bassnectar started playing 10 minutes after we arrived. Perfection. And it was so loud that no one was sleepy anymore.
4. If you have any kind of seizure disorder please do not go to a rave. The flashing lights will give you a seizure. They might give you one anyway.

I think this is the best picture. You can see the all the people and the lights and the other people taking pics with their cell phones.

5. I did not take my camera because I didn't want it to get mauled. But I couldn't resist being paparazzi with my phone. Even though the pics didn't turn out great, it was just an adventure.

6. Not sure if you can really tell in this picture below, but you should wear lots of things that glow in the dark. Or just wave them around.

7. Also appropriate to wear to a rave are crazy costumes you may have laying around. Like this dog.
I saw this dog later in the night with the top part of his costume pulled down.

8. It gets really really really hot. With hundreds of people jumping around and limited ventilation, everyone is sweaty and gross. You can actually see the evaporation coming off of people's drinks because it was so hot in there. And you can see the evaporation on the pipes above. This is also why I didn't take any pictures of us or our friends. I typically like pictures of myself looking good. Not gross.

9. Other wardrobe options: your fairy costume, a sports bra and running shorts, crazy masks, and funny shoes. Like these boots. 
I don't know why you would wear boots to something this hot. But clearly this girl and the dog were in cahoots.

10. Disclaimer: I have heard that there are generally drugs being used at raves. We did not use any drugs and neither did our friends. We drank. Water. Lots of water. So we wouldn't pass out from heat exhaustion.

11. The music was fun. It was a pretty enjoyable experience all around. The most fun part being watching crazy people in crazy outfits dance like maniacs. Just put your arms up and bounce and you will be dancing like a true raver.

12. My husband is staying home from work today because he is sick. Probably because he had to breathe in everyone's germs at the rave.

13. Just in case you want a whole minute of raving in front of your computer here is the video I took. I think this pretty much sums it up.

So that is it. Our excitement for the week. Absolutely worth it. I think I got my rave fill for the next 10 years.


  1. i can't believe that you guys went to a rave! people watching galore! we can't wait to see you guys soon!

  2. i just go naked to raves. so ya that's what i would've worn.

  3. It was so hilarious. And I like the naked idea. I would have fit in perfectly.