Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How I know you are an IV drug user/Addicted to Narcotics

Alright, its been two weeks since I have posted. Because of my J.O.B. And also because I was doing cool things to post about. You know, because our life here is so exciting. I have some great pictures and stories of my fab weekend that I will post on Thursday, my next day off. But here is just a quicky for you to enjoy. Double enjoy this if you are a nurse.

Disclaimer: this is not written about any specific patient. This is purely general observations that I have noted.

Top Seven Ways I know you are an IV drug user or addicted to pain medication:
1. You point to your best vein when I am putting in an IV.
2. You ask for your "breakthrough pain meds" every 4-6 hours on the minute...but only all together because that's the only way they work.
3. You tell me that "the other nurses" always push your dilaudid "faster and in that closer port."
4. You return from your walk with blood shot eyes and your significant other pushing you in a wheelchair because you got "a little dizzy."
5. You mysteriously have fresh looking needle marks in your arm because we have been "drawing so much blood" but I know that you haven't had any lab work done today...and the phlebotomist would have covered it with a cotton ball and tape.
6. When I give you your prescriptions at discharge, you tell me that that pain medication doesn't come in a pill of that milligram.
7. Your significant other tells me that you need a new primary care provider because your last one "kicked us out."

There are many, many more. Comment and give me your best ones! I'm just out of time...its 6am and I have to go to day number 3!

Get excited for my picture post tomorrow!

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  1. SPIF: I'm absolutely LOVING your blog! It's keeping me awake on my 3 minute break this morning from CRAMMING for my 4th exam in as many days before fall break! And to make you feel better about your druggies, I had a clinic full of them, one even asked if he could bring his "stuff" to the clinic and have us administer it through his catheter for him. Another was kicked out for using and couldn't find another clinic to take him in th entire state, had to drive 3 hours to get treatment. Then after 2 weeks was back because his doc there wouldn't give him his "prescription". Gotta love it! I miss you!

    Love to both of you,