Monday, October 24, 2011

Celebrating Two Years in Charleston, SC (Part 1)

*Warning: serious picture overload! I can't help it...*

This morning I woke up, turned on the Today Show, made a pot of coffee, threw a load of laundry in the wash, and then sat down to put music on my iPhone and make a blog post. My house looks like a tornado went through it. But obviously blogging is more important.

We spent a fabulous four nights in Charleston, SC for our anniversary. Then we got back and I spent two days to renew my certification for ACLS (Advance Cardiac Life Support-I can save your life!) and then working for three days. But back to Charleston...

Can I just say that I loved Charleston? First of all, the weather was perfect. In the 80's, sunny, no humidity. I had amazing hair days every single day. We woke up on Saturday morning at like 6am, because we are old now and that is when we naturally wake up because that is actually sleeping in for us. We drank some coffee and got ready and drove into Charleston. (We stayed in Isle of Palms, which is about 20 minutes outside Charleston.) We were obviously the first people up because nothing was open yet. Around 9am, all the runners finally came out. And Charleston has many, many runners. Way more than Kingsport, ha.
Good morning, Charleston Harbor! I pose like this every morning when greeting the day. Oh wait....I don't.
We hit up the market, which is this amazing open air market in the middle of Charleston. Its four blocks long and has tons of handmade items and cool unique stuff. The coolest thing was these handmade sweet grass baskets. They were everywhere. And cost a lot of $$$. I didn't buy one because I was like "$50 for a tiny basket? $150 for a normal basket? No way!" But now I kinda wish I had...
Good looking backsides, ladies. Must be all that running...
We got some breakfast at the Sweetwater Cafe...the low country omelet was yummy...
I wasn't running anywhere after this breakfast.
For some reason, we had decided that we both needed new pairs of sunglasses very badly. So we found a Sunglasses Hut, stat, on King Street. King Street is like the mecca of good shopping. It was a beautiful, magical place. So we got some sunglasses. I almost got pink ones. Almost.
We also enjoyed some delicious moon pies from the Moon Pie General Store. 
We took a carriage ride of the city and learned all about the history as a a horse pulled us around. I was super impressed with the cleanliness of the city since there are horses everywhere. They actually put little bags on the horses to catch their poo. And whenever the horse urinates (sorry, just being blunt) they pull over and call someone to come clean it up.

For dinner Saturday night, we ate at Poogan's Porch, which was an old house made into a gorgeous restaurant. Caleb had pan seared jumbo scallops with applewood smoked bacon grits, wilted spinach and crawfish beurre blanc. I had pan seared snapper with sauteed arugula , and  summer tomato and bacon risotto with a lemon avocado compound butter. (And yes, maybe I did just go to the website to get the exact description of what we ate.) We had some pimento cheese fritters for an app and pecan pie for dessert.
I know the pics are yellowy but we are inside at night, helllo.
I was kind of obsessed with these boots for the whole trip.
Also on Saturday we got some iPhones. It was our anniversary gift to each other. I don't have any pics of them, but they are magical.

On Sunday (anniversary day!) we were tired from spending the whole day Saturday walking around, so we laid on the beach and read and drank mimosas. It was lovely. I am in love with beaches. I feel like I appreciate them more being from Kansas, where there are no beaches.

We went into Charleston for dinner and ate at A.W. Shucks, where the seafood is ah-mazing. Blue crab dip, oysters, seafood casserole, crab cakes, and stuffed jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon. We had a delicious peach bourbon bread pudding for dessert but we could barely eat any of it after the massive meal we just had.

Two years, baby!
Charleston, I love you. The second part will be coming later because I need to go get ready for the day. Can I end by mentioning that I hope my personal trainer doesn't see this blog? Because I'm pretty sure he would be making me do walking lunges for the rest of my life as a punishment.

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