Friday, April 27, 2012

Why Kansas City is awesome, according to me

We are going to have a serious discussion. Why? Because it's Friday, I am not working, and I am sitting in my messy apartment doing laundry and drinking tea. By myself. It's lovely. And it has inspired me to have a frank discussion with the blogger world.

About why Kansas City is awesome. I was there for a long weekend and it was the best. I often get asked what there is to do in Kansas City (to everyone not from Kansas, the whole state is covered in wheat, tornadoes, and small dogs that resemble Toto), so this is my list.

Why Kansas City is awesome, according to me


1. The barbecue. Duh. You have about 1,000 options for delicious bbq. These are the best.
  • Gates
  • Arthur Bryant's
  • Oklahoma Joe's (Burnt ends=true love.)
  • Fiorella's Jack Stack: as much as I love the bbq, do yourself a massive favor and order some baked beans and cheesy corn bake. That cheesy corn is magical. Jack Stack, I love you.
2. The Mexican food. You can laugh at me, but I love me some north of the border Mexican grub. And I'm sorry, but East Tennessee does not offer up fake Mexican food to my standards. Kansas City offers you Mi Ranchito and Jose Peppers. There are several of them in the area. They have insane cheese dip, fantastic margaritas, and my favorite: cream cheese chicken enchiladas. Happiness on a plate.

3. Jess and Jim's Steakhouse. I haven't been here for years, but it is so epic. Amazing steaks, amazing baked potatoes, and other amazing things, this is a hidden gem of Kansas City.

4. Louisburg Cider Mill. There is nothing better on a fall day then some hot cider, cider doughnuts, and a big bag of kettle corn. 

5. Twister's Frozen Custard. This was my first "real" job. Frozen custard is a delicacy of this world. I worked there for three years and never got tired of it. Or surprisingly, fat. The New Yorker with raspberries is my favorite. But I would honestly eat any frozen custard that you ever handed to me.

Yep, I know there is tons of great food in Kansas City. I could probably write a whole post on the food. Obviously, I just picked my favorites. But feel free to tell me what I missed!


It's true. You can get a good sampling of sports in Kansas City. In order from my favorite to least favorite, here you go.

1. University of Kansas basketball. Yes, you need to take a short road trip about 45 minutes outside the Kansas City area but it is worth it. This is college basketball at it's best. 

2. Kansas City Royals baseball. I don't care how much they lose, fans will always flock to the ballpark in the summer. It's only American. Their stadium is gorgeous and the games are always fun, win or lose. 

3. Kansas City Chiefs football. Super fun, or so I've heard. I've never actually been to a game (for shame, I know) since I prefer to watch football from the comfort of a my own couch. 

4. Kansas Speedway (NASCAR, duh.) See my NASCAR post for my opinions on NASCAR, as well as some high quality fashion advice.

5. Sporting KC soccer. This is the new cool thing, apparently. They have a sweet looking complex near the Speedway, you should definitely check it out.


1. The Plaza. Tons of high end shops, delicious restaurants, and lots of fun things to do. I lived near the Plaza during nursing school and used to walk around and pick things out that I would buy when I was rich. Which will be never.

2. The Legends. Near the Speedway and the Sporting KC complex, the Legends has Nebraska Furniture Mart, Cabella's, and lots of great stores, including some outlets. Fun fact, I had my first alcoholic beverage on my 21st birthday at the Legends. Because I'm a good kid like that.

3. Zona Rosa. Up close to the airport, Zona Rosa is a HUGE area with a great variety of shopping.

4. Town Center Plaza. Down south in Leawood, I love this place. Again, a good variety of shopping. Nearby is also Crate and Barrel (true love), the Apple Store, and Trader Joe's.


1. Starlight Theater. An beautiful outdoor theater that gets tons of great shows, including Broadway tours and concerts. 

2. Theater in the Park. Another outdoor theater with a great line up of shows every summer.

3. Kauffmen Center for the Performing Arts. This just recently opened and it looks amazing. I desperately want to see Aida here in August.

4. Obviously, there's tons of small venues. We went to the Uptown Theater while we were home last weekend to see Cake, and it was a blast! Cool theater, great show.

Other Fun

1. World's of Fun. I have been to this amusement park many times and love it. Several good quality roller coasters and lots of spinning rides, for those of you with strong stomachs.

2. Kansas City Zoo. It's been years since I've been here, but zoos are generally awesome. This one is too.

3. Deanna Rose Farmstead. This place is in Overland Park and is FREE during the week and CHEAP on the weekends. It is great for kids, you can spend a few days here between the petting zoo and all the cool exhibits.

4. Union Station. Good, historical fun.

5. The Crossroads District. Lots of cool art galleries and music. Check it out if you are a hipster.

6. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Classy art. If you are poor, you can picnic on the huge lawn for free and feel cooler because you are closer to the art.

7. The Power and Light district. Cool restaurants and bars, includes the Sprint Center, where huge concert tours come to, if we are lucky.

8. The River Market. Huge outdoor farmer's market. Also has a stage for outdoor concerts. Also where I did modeling for a very short amount of time in high school. Back when I was slightly skinnier than I am now.

9. Fun Fact: Kansas City is the "City of Fountains." There are lots of fountains.

My Family and Friends

My family lives here, which is what makes it the most awesome. Kansas City will always feel like home and they make it that. I had such a great weekend hanging out with them, laughing at my niece and nephew, grilling with my dad, and enjoying life. Our families are both great, look them up whenever you are in Kansas City!

My dad, the grill master.

And that my friends, is my list. Feel free to tell me your favorite things about Kansas City, there are basically endless things. I actually kept adding to this list as I remembered more and more things. And I could keep going, since I am currently remembering things that I didn't add. But my husband needs clean clothes and fresh food, and so I will leave you with this.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I absolutely love the fact that Jose Peppers made your list! Hands down!! Also, Five you have one of those?