Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Grandma's 90th Birthday

After our Orlando trip, I turned around and went to the great state of Indiana with my mom. Her whole family lives there and we went to celebrate my Grandma's 90th birthday! I think ninety is a pretty big deal and we wanted to do it up right. 

My original vision for Grandma's 90th was a big outdoor party with everyone she had ever known. But this spring, some significant health problems landed Grandma in nursing care. So I had to tone down the party ideas. So instead of one big party, we had two smaller parties. 

The first was with all of Grandma's bffs. She has known most of these ladies for 50+ years. Ca-razy. I tried my hand at angel food cake for the first time and it was a hit. 

I think this is the sweetest picture. Looking good for ninety, Grandma and friends! Mom and I stayed with Grandma's sister, Aunt Marge (top right) and had a blast!

The second party was for our family that was in town. Grandma's children, most grandchildren, and some of her nieces and nephews.

Check out my giant 90 balloon wall. One of my balloons is getting a little saggy there.

The super delicious cake. Wal-Mart, friends. They do good work. Also, pink was the theme, in case you were wondering.

Grandma and her four children, for l-r: Kent, Keith, Kurt, and Kaye.

I think the weekend was a success! We loved spending time with Grandma and our family and celebrated in style.

Mom, Grandma, and I

Happy birthday Grandma! (Don't you just love this vintage photo?)

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