Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sophie the Pup's first photo shoot

 On November 28th, 2012, we added a new member to our family. Sophie the puppy. She was 8 weeks old and weighed 6.6 lbs.

It was love at first site. Sophie is a rescue pup and I went and picked her out of a whole bunch of sweet dogs that needed good homes.

She was the cutest one.

Allegedly, she is part lab, part German shepherd. But who really knows.

We don't care what you are, we'll keep you, Sophie!

We had a rough first night. As in, lots of crying (from the pup) and lots of accidents (from the pup) and not much sleep (by me or the pup). But she's getting the hang of it. And she's so darn cute, we didn't really mind.

We did a little photo shoot to capture her first days with us. Get ready for cute puppy overload.

Tiny Sophie!

Sophie loves a good bone. She hates her harness. Even though it is Martha Stewart. Designer harness for my girl? Of course.

I never really understood the term "puppy dog eyes" until I saw these babies. They kill me.

 Hanging out with Caleb, her fave.

 She hates going on walks, but she loves a good belly rub. She already sits for her food and is about 90% potty trained. Such a smart pup!

Early morning, no make up. Don't care. Night shift is putting those wrinkles under my eyes.

In love with my sweet girl!

Some people have kids, but now we have a puppy. Boom. If you haven't already been overloaded with Instagram pics (we are @lorrib and @navierstokeseqn), don't worry. I will clog your Facebook feed or your blogger feed with adorable puppy goodness.

Merry Christmas to me!


  1. Soooo cute!! She looks like a ball of love :)

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