Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sophie the Doggler

Listen. We are obsessed with this dog. We call her a doggler because she is like a toddler...but a dog. Ha. I know you are laughing. Or rolling your eyes. Whatever. This is the cutest thing you will see all day. Here is an overflow of doggler photos for you to enjoy. Since I'm bad at blogging. I just had to get something up before she is completely out of that adorable doggler stage. Doggler. Ha.

First off, here is our house after one of the snow storms. So pretty, but I'm so over it.

And here is my little doggler who loves the snow. For reals.

We had tons of snow and snowmen building was a popular activity. One afternoon of walks and we found this one. Hilarious.

Ok, get ready for cute overload. We bought Sophie a backpack. It carries water, treats, keys, phone, poop bags, ect. It gets her tired quicker, which is awesome. And its adorable. Double awesome.

I think she looks like she's ready to go to school. Enjoy.

Sophie loves to cuddle and take over our bed. Don't judge. If you had an adorable doggler, you would let her on your bed too.

 During all that crazy snow, she loved getting cozy by the fire. And eating homemade treats that one of my coworkers spoils her with.

Snow number three?? Late March brought more snow. Gross.

My two favorites.

So she got spayed a couple weeks ago. I cried when I dropped her off. I was fine and then I said something like "please call me as soon as she wakes up!" and started sniffing and walked out with tears running down my face. So that's how that went down.

When we went to pick her up, she walked around gingerly for awhile. We put a t-shirt on her so she wouldn't lick the site. Also KU was playing. So it worked out.

A few days and she is back to normal. Sophie the spoiled doggler. Right now she's basking in the sun taking an afternoon nap. Kinda like this picture.

We originally were told that Sophie was part lab and part German shepherd. Which is probably true, we can see both those breeds in her. But at six months, she is only about 35 lbs and the vet expects her to get no more than 50 lbs when she's fully grown. We're thinking she has some beagle in her. Whatever she is, she is super cute, so sweet, has lots of energy and picks up on new things really quick.

We don't care what you are, we'll keep you Sophie!

Hopefully that's enough puppy love for the day! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Hey, can you email me so I can ask you a question about your awesome dog :)