Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spaghetti+Settlers of Catan=Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas weekend! Here is the breakdown...not a ton of pictures. Mostly our weekend consisted of sleeping, eating, and laying around. And I had to work two days, but thats not important!

I had to work Christmas Eve, so Caleb got an early Christmas gift he could play with all day while I was gone.
Serious xbox headphones with microphone. So now he can't hear anything I say unless I yell. Merry Christmas to him!

The hospital did the opposite of slow down over the holiday weekend. It was ca-razy all weekend long. But I came home on Christmas Eve ready to party. And this is how we get down.
Settlers of Catan, coffee, and Christmas movies.
Coffee, because if you are going to stay up late after 13 hours of work, you need some. The answer is yes, we do keep vitamins on the coffee table. And 10 points if you can name the Christmas move on tv. That is an easy one.

Christmas eve was fun because we drank lots of coffee, played games, watched movies, and cooked a steak dinner at 10pm. And didn't go to Christmas eve service because it was at 11 at night and we just didn't feel like going anywhere then.

And then the blessed Christmas morning. It was a white Christmas but not like last Christmas where I had to drive to work in a blizzard. Ahh the memories.
An acceptable amount of snow.

I would like to say on behalf of all healthcare workers and others who still have to go to work on Christmas: I would be happy if there was never another white Christmas ever again. Jesus didn't have one. Amen.

We opened gifts. It was kind of crazy. And I actually loved that it was just the two of us.
The living room full of opened presents!

Some of Caleb's highlights:
I bought him lots of stuff but I'm pretty sure the math book is his favorite. The Chick-fil-a gift basket was a hit too! Thanks to his mom and dad, he had a KU snuggie to cuddle up with all weekend!

He got me one beautiful amazing gift.
Check out that bling!

After the present opening, I made some coffee cake. Its amazing and you should make some. But not if only two people live at your house. Because then you have to eat a whole pan of buttery, sugary goodness by yourself. And your waistline will expand. I also made a few things for our Christmas dinner at the Gilliam's house: layered salad, green bean casserole, and artichoke heart dip (recipe to come). I would like to add that green bean casserole is one of my favorite things to eat during the holidays. I could eat like a whole pan of it by myself. Add that to the coffee cake and that is a bad combo.

We headed over to spend Christmas afternoon with our friends and one of Caleb's coworkers, Ben and Crystal Gilliam and their adorable 2 year old son, Cash. We sucked them into our Settlers of Catan cult and had a wonderful Christmas dinner of spaghetti and the above mentioned items.

Cash playing Guitar Hero and being adorable.
Ben, Crystal, and Cash
Wearing our new Christmas jackets!

We missed our families but had a great Christmas! Thanks JESUS for heading our way a couple thousand years ago! We were both off again yesterday and again spent the day sleeping, eating, and laying around. I did go to the gym though. The coffee cake has to go somehow! We did leave the house for a bit to go to the store and stock up on "essentials." And I leave you with a couple final photos.

Caleb's essential grocery items.
Love this man. And he loves his Nesquik.

I am on call today...due to low census. Not sure why we couldn't be low census all weekend when I wanted to be off but its ok. I just get to wait for more sick people to come in and I can go get my overtime pay. Ch-ching!

T-11 days until the Bakers are in O-town! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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  1. are you sure all you had was coffee?? that necklace is amazing! what a brat! i wish i were a brat too. haha.

    anywho, there was a certain "spice" missing on christmas (you were the missing spice!). i'm glad you had a great christmas with just the two of you!