Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Par-tay, Kiewit Style!

Ahh,  a lovely day off. Especially good since I had to drive through snow and ice to get to work the last two days. And people in Tennessee do not know how to a. prepare for snow/ice, b. clear off snow/ice, c. drive in snow/ice, and d. not freak out when a flake of snow falls. But no worries, I made it just fine.

So here is a recap of our past few weeks full of Christmas fun. We finally got a Christmas tree. Its real. We did not go out to the woods and cut it down. We went to Home Depot, where they trimmed it for us and placed it in a tree stand. Now that is customer service.

Also I included my kitchen table in the Christmas tree collage. Delightful.

I hung the stockings on the bookcase. Since we don't have a fireplace. And we got a real live wreath too. It smells amazing when you walk through the door.

Look closely and you can see the Harry Potter display on the bookshelf. And laugh at us. We don't care.

This past Friday night we went to the Kiewit Christmas party. It was at the Marriot and was pretty sweet. Good food, hilarious band, and they even paid for our rooms. Nice. 


The band was very funny. Love the lead singer's hair.


In case you haven't met my husband, here is something super fun about him. He hates smiling in pictures. He loves making weird faces and messing them up. I think the only time he made a very legit attempt at good picture taking was our engagement and wedding photos. Because I told him they were very expensive. Ha.

See the picture where he is smiling? Its at someone else. He was caught off guard.

Anyway, we had a great time. I can't believe its the middle of December. Which is why I'm doing my Christmas cards TODAY!  Tomorrow I may attempt Christmas cookies. Hmmm...

In case you still have Christmas shopping to do (hello, everyone!), check this out. My mom is a new Mary Kay consultant! This is her website!!! Mary Kay is an awesome line with tons of makeup and skin care products. They have tons of great gifts for cheaper than you think! My mom will also do a FREE facial for you! Think holiday parties, girls nights, or a fun gift for yourself. She has a great selection of beautifully wrapped gifts, as well as gorgeous personalized gift certificates! Oh, and she does FREE shipping! My mom, Kaye Voth, lives in Olathe, KS but will ship to anywhere for free! Check out her website for all her info as well as the full line of products!

And off to clean my house, workout at the gym (yes I joined one), watch Hoda and Kathie Lee, and write Christmas cards! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Thankful List:
1. Chloe, my car, who got me to work in the treacherous conditions
2. Forever 21, sponsor of my sparkly cocktail ring
3. The fab Kiewit Christmas party, which reminded me of all the great people who are far from home with me
4. The amazing patients I had the last two days: one invited me out to his farm to ride horses, another told me she loved me when I left every night.

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  1. love your tree!

    you guys are like the classiest couple in town...true story. i seriously miss you guys! george can't wait to see you!