Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Tennessee Thanksgiving

Ahh Thanksgiving in Tennessee. Our first major holiday away from home and family. But it was pretty great. And here is how it went.

First of all, I didn't have to work Thanksgiving or Black Friday, which was a miracle. So we slept in and enjoyed the morning. Until we got into a tiny argument because I was making us late (truth) with all my pie making and shower taking. So the journey over the river and through the woods was a little tense. Never fear my friends, this is just the beginning of a good day and a rather important part of where this story is going. We went to a coworker of Caleb's, Jim and his sweet wife Angel's house for Thanksgiving. They have quite a bit of land and a bunch of Caleb's coworkers were meeting up there in the morning with their various firearms. Hence the reason for the argument (doesn't that sound better than fight? ha). Caleb is a recent gun owner (stop judging us) and was anxious to get his shoot on.

The day was 70 and sunny. Let's just say after a couple rounds, neither of us were mad anymore. People: shooting guns makes you feel so much better. (Clarification: NOT at other people or the person you were in an argument with!)

Yes Dad, we all wore ear plugs. No hearing loss here.

Caleb, being awesome:
Love this.

Next up on the Thanksgiving to do list: riding horses. Super fun, mostly hilarious since Caleb and I haven't ridden horses since we were kids.

After the horse riding we ate Thanksgiving dinner. Which was totally amazing. I didn't take any pictures for some strange reason. So fast forward to after dinner. When we sat around the fire pit and my husband chopped wood. Which is basically his favorite thing.

All in all, it was a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent it with sweet people and had a blast. Driving home in a much more thankful state, we talked about all the things we are thankful for:
1. Our jobs, that are really pretty cool
2. Our families, who are totally awesome and supportive
3. This totally random placed that we were transferred to, because its hilarious and beautiful
4. Our amazing God, who not only saved us from our sins, but takes care of us and loves us and provides for us

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. you guys are so cute! you have a good looking husband lor (he looks like a happy little boy as he's shooting that gun). i'm so glad you had a great thanksgiving. we were seriously sad when we went ice skating without you two. george just told me that he can't wait to see soon. ha!

  2. i am totally judging on the whole gun ownership thing. please don't come back a hick. (kidding...sort of). i love you dearly. great pics!
    p.s. was this on of those "monthly" arguments? :)