Monday, November 1, 2010

George the Monkey

I love being off on Mondays after working all weekend. Sleeping in until 7 (two hours past when I usually wake up), a slow cup of coffee, the Today show, and blogging! Caleb's brother Zach and his wife Audreyand their sweet baby George came to visit us last weekend. We had SO much fun...eating, shopping, playing with George, just hanging out and catching up. Looking through my pictures I realized that most of them are of George...because everything a baby does is cute. Eating, sleeping, smiling, frowning...seriously we just took pictures of everything he did.

I'm trying out a new photo collage program that Audrey introduced me here we go.

While Caleb was working, we went antique shopping and to the hotdog store on our street.
I love the lady looking adoringly at George.

FYI, George adores me. All other aunts, beware. I am his favorite.

Men love blondes. What can I say?

He also adores his uncle Caleb. Who let him play with the new Harry Potter wands. (See previous post!)

This was hilarious. And adorable. 

Of course, George loves his parents most. He lights up whenever Zach is around. Seriously, the sweetest thing ever!

Zach and Aud even cooked us dinner one night. Which was awesome. Who doesn't love a great meal that is delish, cooked for you, AND cleaned up for you? Yes, I would love to hold your child while you cook me dinner...

More of George just being an awesome baby...

Love all his expressions.

I bought him a monkey costume for Halloween. It was probably the cutest thing ever. He hated it. Go figure. Don't worry George, I will stop buying you costumes with built in footies after you can walk. (Unlike the aunt in the movie A Christmas Story.)

Note the look of terror by George. Sorry kiddo.

Much happier naked!

We love this kid and our awesome brother and sister! 

Sweet family shots!

Zach and Audrey: Thanks for making the trip to East Tennessee! We loved having you! Please come back!

Let me know what you think of the collage...I just realized that I should have made all the backgrounds black. Oh time!

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  1. love this post! i hope you liked using that's super fun to mess around with. in my opinion. these pictures are so cute!! we already miss being there. we had so much fun!!! thanks for having us!