Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pink Party!

As everyone knows, October was breast cancer awareness month. So we got to see lots of pink ribbons and talk about our ta-tas. I think breast cancer awareness month is everyone's favorite thing to be aware of. No wait. I know that.

Anyway, at the beginning of October Caleb and I were very surprised to see strings of bras hung on our street. At first we thought it was an advertisement for the lingerie store (which would be clever) then found out it was (surprise!) to promote breast cancer awareness. You could drop off your old bras at this radio station and they would hang them on our street. It was called "Bras on Broad." I thought it was hilarious.

There were four rows of bras. It looked like someone did some major laundry.

At work we have a very sweet secretary who just went through a battle with breast cancer this summer. We decided to throw her a party and it was very pink. Pink decorations, pink food, pink presents.

I made cupcakes. The batter was pink and I did the pink ribbons. Caleb helped.

Pink deviled eggs. Hilarious.

Some coworkers. My boss is the one in front.

Lynn, our secretary is the one in the middle showing off some of her gifts. What an awesome lady! 

Yay for Breast Cancer Awareness! In case you were wondering, November is Alzheimer's Awareness, Lung Cancer Awareness, Diabetes Awareness, Healthy Skin Awareness, TMJ Awareness, COPD Awareness, and Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness (holla to Unit 66!). I am going to a pulmonary nursing conference this month and I suddenly understand why.

And just because its November and we are all getting is a list of things I'm thankful for today:
1. My job...and that I have four days off
2 My sweet friend Breehan who went on a lunch date with me
3. Panera on rainy days
4. A washer and dryer
5. That the shoe store downstairs is now selling clothes starting today!

Have a beautiful weekend! Lots of pictures to come next week!

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