Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to Build a Power Plant

Update: this is no longer a tutorial on power plant building since the photos are confidential. And I was unaware of this, my bad! You are lucky if you saw them! You will just have to come see the power plant after it is built. In an undisclosed location.

I got called off my overtime shift this morning due to low census. I guess the docs are being kind and getting people out for Thanksgiving. So I have been super productive by watching the Today show, researching Black Friday deals, catching up on blogs, and drinking coffee. We had a great weekend of shopping, watching the new Harry Potter movie, and  hanging out with friends. But alas, I took no pictures.

After my big cinnamon roll day last week, I wanted to bake something quick and easy and successful. Its also rainy and gross today. Perfect for pumpkin bread. The right way to start off Thanksgiving week.
You can see my reflection in the oven door. I guess I stick my pinky finger out when I focus??

This is so easy and so yummy. Here is the recipe: pumpkin bread from Simply Recipes
I did half the flour as whole wheat flour, so we can pretend to be healthy. This recipe isn't really too bad for you, pumpkin is good for you and so is olive oil. Yum!


Things I'm thankful for today:
1. Surprise day off!
2. My new Target Red Card (5% off at Target all the time! Holla!)
3. A good convo with my grandma last night
4. Being off Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Happy Thanksgiving! We love and miss you all!

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