Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm one of the crazy people...

We drove out to Kansas City last Wednesday night after both of us worked a full day. It works for us because one person sleeps while the other person drives, there's no traffic, it's cool outside, and it seems like the 12 hour trip goes very fast. Caleb drove first (sweet man) and I slept (kind of) till about 3:30 am when I woke up on the side of the road to Caleb peeing out in the bushes and telling me it was my turn. I drank a 5 hour energy shot (orange flavor=gross) and drove. Somewhere around 5:30am I stopped outside of St. Louis to refill on gas and energy. After filling up the car, I went in to the gas station and said hi to the nice attendant. I went to the bathroom where I noticed my hair was crazy and I still had eye makeup smeared all over my face. So I spent a few minutes cleaning up. Then I tiredly stumbled around the gas station looking for drinks. I heard a car horn blaring and after a few minutes realized it was my own, I had somehow hit the panic button. Caleb came in and asked if I was ok. I said yeah...of course. He said I had been gone for like 20 minutes. I finally picked some drinks and tiredly handed the wrong card to the attendant. A fly landed on my hand and I batted it off enthusiastically. The attendant didn't see the fly and looked at me weird and asked why I was waving my hand around. She looked glad when we left the store. I told Caleb, "I think that lady thought I was crazy." He said, "Well you kinda were."  Then I realized: I am one of the crazy people.

At work, I always think about all the crazy patients I have. Seriously, I take care of crazy people like all the time. Definitely more crazy people than normal people. And I think about how I must run into crazy people everywhere: Wal-Mart, the grocery store, the gas station, Chick-fil-a. And somehow they hold it together and don't look super crazy all the time. (Ok, sometimes they do.) But there are crazy people everywhere. And now I know that I am just one of them.

We are loving Kansas City, it's always good to be home. Caleb drove back by himself yesterday and I get to stay for the week. He is a rock star. And totally not crazy at all.

I love this pic I took with his phone as the sun was rising last Thursday morning.

I hope you are staying cool and enjoying summer! And if you live in the KC area, for goodness sake, go check out Trader Joe's. It's pure organic grocery store magic.

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