Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin patch fun

I'm getting ready to take a nap before work tonight and loving this awesome weather we've been having. We are super ready for trick-or-treaters tomorrow with a massive candy stash! But I can't help but think about all the nurses over on the East Coast today and how they are dealing with power outages and destruction. Just thinking about how sick some of my patients are, I can't even imagine. Prayers going their way for sure!

I can't let October get away without sharing some of these sweet pumpkin patch pictures. The Baker clan went for our annual pumpkin fun a few weeks ago. George and June are growing so fast and we are obsessed with watching them do anything!

Junie B loves me. Too bad she hates the sun. I need to get her some sweet shades to match me.

She totally loved the hay. Check out that sweet smile.

George is getting so tall! Side note: pumpkin patches are awesome places to take pics. I loved these.

My honey found this pumpkin to take home. We are serious about getting good pumpkins. I found a perfect one as well and then set it by the trail to look for more. Someone picked it up and said "Hey look at this one! This is perfect!" And then they showed it to their kid. I watched them, frozen. But then the kid said he didn't like it, so lucky me. I was worried.

Oh look, a rare photo of Caleb smiling. Which he basically does all the time, except in photos. I'm not really sure what this half off jacket thing is all about though.

I love this pic of George, June, Zach, and Audrey! You sweet little photogenic family.

Happy fall friends! Come trick-or-treat at our house tomorrow!

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