Thursday, August 4, 2011

Get your filthy paws off my silky drawers!

We were laying in bed last night, drifting off to sleep when Caleb said "Get your filthy paws..." and I said "off my silky drawers!" And then I was like hey, how do I know that quote? And then for half an hour he gave me clues to what movie the quote is from. Since obviously I couldn't go to sleep until I knew. This is life right now. (Anyone know what that quote is from?)

So life recently has consisted of work. Caleb has been working like, all the time. I just finished up a very very very long work streak. It could use a few more verys. At least that's how it felt. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I really do love nursing...

I got the camera out today and looked through all eight pictures on it. A true snapshot of our life right now. Love it.

1. I have this horrible friend who lives next door. Her fiance and Caleb work together. And Steph and I go to lunch and plan her wedding and go shopping. The reason she is horrible is because she encourages me to buy things. We could probably spend hours and hours and many dollars in Target. Actually, that really does happen.
Ok, Target. I will take your sales bait. Where am I going to wear those shoes on the left? Don't care. They are awesome.

2. This is what our loft looks like after I've been on a long work streak.

I cook for a few nights and then I get tired of it so we eat fast food. Gross, I know. But I'm ok with it. Also, we play a few rounds of Dance Central or Big Buck Hunter. Which are both awesome games. Not pictured are all the seasons of Big Bang Theory, which we just finished up last night.

3. I think it was raining on Sunday when Caleb was home alone and he took some cool pics. I like them.

I'm looking forward to a nice long weekend. And also sleeping. And seeing my cute husband.

More frequent blog postings to come. Starting tomorrow.

Over and out.


  1. those shoes are so cute...but i don't think i've ever seen you wear heals. what's up with that?! target, chick-fil-a, boulevard beer, are from the lord so rock it!

  2. HOT shoes! I need me some Target sale shopping!