Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We shop, we eat, we shoot things.

1. I had a fabulous work weekend. Seriously. My patients were amazing, we had a fiesta potluck, and I have a great orientee, Liz. Sometimes I love my job. Ok, most of the time I love my job.

2. I've watched three movies in the last week. First, Blind Side. I bawled the whole time. Loved it. Second, Sucker Punch (not my choice). Creepy, weird, and I hated it. Third, Tangled. It was adorable and funny and wonderful. Caleb even laughed through the whole thing.

3. We can't wait for fall tv shows to start. We've worked through every season of House, Big Bang Theory, and 30 Rock. (We buy them on sale on Black Friday, the only day of the year we buy seasons of tv shows.)

3. I have a serious shoe addiction problem. Here's my latest purchase. (It was buy one pair, get one FREE at the boutique on the first floor of my building. Such a horrible place to live.)
This is for you, Aunt Patty! They are beautiful...
4. I was in the mood to do some cooking and baking yesterday. I started out the day with this: a breakfast BLT. You know it's for breakfast because there is a fried egg on top. Mmmmm.

Then I made these bad boys.  I sent most of them to work with Caleb today. And then I ate some for dinner tonight.
Nutella cookies: they are life changing. Like Jesus. Except not quite that life changing.
 Then I made a peach cobbler except I subbed out strawberries for half the peaches. And it was sweet and yummy and smelled like heaven.

4. My darling husband has been working. But he got Sunday off and spent the day shooting guns and chopping wood with his buddies. Don't worry, its just what we do now.

Last week at work one of my coworkers said to me You never complain about your husband, he must be pretty good.  Yep, he is. That man rocks my world. Have I ever said that? I'm kinda crazy about him. And he has been working his butt off. Like, left at 5 am and still isn't home at 8:42 pm. What a man.
Typical night: just cleaning his gun and eating dinner. He's taken, girls.
So that's our life right now. Work, eat, shop, shoot things. I'll take it.

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  1. that picture of your breakfast makes me want to make one of those tomorrow morning...but i won't...cause i don't know how. wish i were kidding!

    i wonder what your closet looks like. glorious!