Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Real Housewives of East Tennessee

Are you familiar with the Real Housewives? From Orange County, Beverly Hills, New York, Atlanta, New Jersey...and now, from East Tennessee.

Yes, it's true. The first episode of The Real Housewives of East Tennessee, on this blog, today. It's going to be a hit.

All of our guys work for Kiewit, so we were all transplanted to East Tennessee. But as you can see, we are embracing it. This past weekend, Kiewit sponsored a golf scramble (is that the correct terminology?) and we gladly participated.

Obviously, we coordinated with the pink. It's what a housewife does.
After having our glass bottles of wine confiscated, we were on our way. (The Real Housewives always have wine at their events.) The girl groups (there were 3 of them) were booted to the back nine, while all the guys played the front nine. This was fine with us. The first hole (we started on 11) took us an hour since we let the other two groups pass us. (We didn't want to embarrass them with our great skills.)

Playing golf, housewife style. Natalya on the bottom left, Paige on the top right, and Emily on the bottom right.
After the first hole, we were all in the groove and we rocked it from there. We skipped the holes where we couldn't see the flag from the tee off place. (What's the point?) We liberally played best ball. ("Yeah this is approximately where this ball would be if it went straight instead of into the woods.) We were so good that other golfers even bought us drinks. And the director of the golf course came to check in on us often, he was super impressed with our sweet game skills. He also gave us some friendly reminders of where you can and cannot drive the golf carts. All in all, playing golf with the Housewives was a smashing success.

We dressed up for the evening events to celebrate our great day.
Looking good, ladies.

My man was looking sharp as well. And I have some sweet shoes on.

The dinner was yummy, the band was funny, and the dancing was constant. Some of the guys even got to play a few songs.
My hubby is a stud.
The Kiewit band.

The housewives struck again later. Something was obviously funny.
Good facial expression, me.
It was a good day for the newest Real Housewives. And now, off to be a real housewife in my own house. Laundry, cleaning, dishes. Why do I feel like the Real Housewives don't do these things?


  1. love the shoes you found! you look smashing in your dress. i had no idea that this was the event! looks so fun :)

  2. I think I've seen Caroline and Jacqueline doing dishes before. Teresa probably just throws hers away and buys new ones. :)

  3. you guys looked hot-t! looks like you had the photo of caleb sticking his tongue out as he was playing the drums. as per usual!

  4. I'm thinking the last pic was after the tequila shots.... :)