Friday, March 2, 2012


I love celebrating things. It makes daily living more fun to have something to look forward to and enjoy. And we've had plenty of things to celebrate the past few weeks. 

At work we had a Valentine's themed baby shower for my sweet co-workers, Ashley and Brittany. I made a big batch of taco soup, everyone else brought sides, and it was delicious and fun. Was this event after Valentine's Day? Yes. But it was in the month of February, and Valentine's Day generally encourages baby-making, so I felt like the theme was appropriate. Ha.

We like chips, ok?
 Ashley is getting ready to pop! And Brittany actually had her baby several weeks early. She finally got to take him home last week!

I celebrated being able to walk like a normal person and wear normal clothes again (after my burn incident), by going to Biltmore with some Kiewit girls. 

Me, Tess, Mary, and Cassie

We celebrated Caleb's 24th birthday with a dinner out at the Chop House. And this amazing Nutella cheesecake. Nutella is from the Lord.

My crusting skills could use some work. But it doesn't make it any less delicious. 

We celebrated our seven year dating anniversary with a yummy dinner of salmon in a strawberry balsamic sauce, mashed taters, and asparagus. Serious yum.

 And I got these beautiful pink roses. Amazing. My man is good to me.

It was National Pancake Day on Tuesday. I'm telling you friends, it's the little things.

Caleb celebrating getting a receipt with a total ending in a 4 by tipping in pi.

And finally, I celebrated making it through 52 hours of work this week by laying around until 2pm today. In a pair of green surgical scrubs. They are insanely comfortable. And free from my work if you encounter an...accident. But then you can accidentally on purpose keep them forever.

Happy Friday friends! As I looked back through this post I realized that we obviously celebrate life events with food. I'm going to go celebrate hating on some fat with a visit to the elliptical. Right now.

Celebrate something this weekend, ok?


  1. Will you share the recipe for the Strawberry Balsamic sauce? I look very confused in the picture.

    1. Strawberry balsamic sauce:
      1 cup chopped strawberries
      4 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
      4 tablespoons water
      4 tablespoons honey

      Combine strawberries, balsamic, and water in a sauce pan. Allow it to boil and reduce by about half. Add in the honey, mix up, reduce again. So easy! Found this recipe here:

  2. Just came across your blog via Pinterest--loved your KU wreath :) I started clicking through some of your posts...made me miss Kansas City. My hubby and I moved to Arizona last year by ourselves so he could go to school. Luckily we've been able to watch almost every KU game. Hopefully we'll go far in the tourney this year :) Take care!