Friday, February 15, 2013

Breckenridge 2013: "To the Suburban!"

Our first trip of 2013 was to Breckenridge, Colorado to ski with our friends Paige and Andrew. The Rocky Mountains are such a sharp contrast from flat Kansas and we love it. I think mountains are just good for the soul. I'm pretty sure Caleb would move there in 2 seconds if I would agree to it. But that darn cold...

We road tripped it out in a rented Suburban, which seemed ridiculous on the way out. Then we loaded everyone plus all their gear in it and we felt super smart and awesome.  

Caleb snowboarded and I skied. We only did two days because we are weak. And one can only take some many nasty falls on an icy mountain. But we loved it.

PS. the best pictures are taken on the tops of mountains. Here is us with Paige, who is like practically Olympic level snowboarder.

We stayed in this insanely cool cabin with these lovely animals hanging out. It had a hot tub. Which feels sooo good after a long day of skiing. I think I skied partially (or mostly) for that amazing feeling of getting in the hot tub afterwards.

On the last day we were there, Caleb and I went to a tiny bar to watch the KU and eat a massive amount of fried pickles. Jake's Dive Bar allows dogs. Everyone brought their huge dogs in there and it was hilarious and awesome.

There was also a big snow sculpture competition in Breckenridge the week we were there. Teams from all over the world competed. The sculptures were amazing and we loved watching them come together as well as the super cool (ha).

We had so much fun and just loved getting away and hanging out with friends. Breckenridge is the sweetest little mountain town ever. I loved it. It was getting ready to snow as we left on Sunday morning. Of course.

Whenever we go on trips, we buy a new album to listen to the whole time. Then whenever we hear that music after our trip, it makes us think of a fun vacation. We listened to Mumford and Sons the whole trip there and back, which seemed perfect for road trips and mountains. Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" also may or may not have been played frequently.

As much as we love vacation, there's something nice about coming home and cuddling up with our puppy. I think its good to miss something for a little bit. (Sorry for the grainy Instagram. I just love this sweet pic.)

Colorado, we miss you already!

 (No helmets, we are risk takers!)

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