Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What to wear to a Kiewit Christmas Party

Oh you thought I was done blogging about the holidays? Wrong. I'm so behind. I blame it on having a puppy. And working nights. And a dirty house. And nice days. Anyway. I'm almost done. I promise. But honestly, I just hate letting these moments slip away without documenting them. Because I'm super sappy like that.

Topic at hand: Kiewit Christmas extravaganza. Once a year, we all unite for a few days of meetings (for the employees) and parties (for the spouses). This year was definitely my favorite because I got to spend time with some of my favorite ladies that I hadn't seen since Tennessee. There's something about being in a strange far away land that unites us together. We drank wine at 11am, baked cookies, drank coffee, shopped, partied at Power and Light, lunched, and generally had a wonderful time for a few days.

And on the last night we dressed up. Sometime in the middle of all this, I found out that if you google "Kiewit Christmas Party," my blog shows up. And I look like the queen of Kiewit. Kiewit, you are welcome. Kiewit Christmas Party. What to wear to a Kiewit Christmas party. Is that good for now?

In case you were actually wondering, here is the answer. From left to right: LBD (on me, with a fantastic hair day I might add), something sparkly (on Emily, who just had a baby and looks fantastic), something bright (on Christi, who looks like Barbie every single day of her life!), LBD sparkly combo (on Jami, who looks gorgeous par usual).

The other part I love about the weekend is staying in a hotel just miles from my home. Who doesn't love someone cleaning up after them? I also love this elevator. And taking silly photos in it. Since we all know Caleb just doesn't have it in him to take a sweet pic with his wife.

(As you can see, he is carrying my shoes. He really is sweet.)

Love my husband. Love my Kiewit ladies. Love the continuation of the holidays into February.

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