Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to Trap a Bat 101

This is just too funny not to share...

So last night we were eating dinner (grilled cheese, cuz we are gourmet) and getting ready for bed (because we go to bed at 8:30 like 5 year olds) and I saw a shadow of something flying around the living room. Of course I scream and duck behind Caleb. He doesn't see it and I scream "A bird! There's a bird in here!" He sees it and says calmly, "That's a bat." The bat flies around a little more than settles on the brick wall in our bedroom. So we are laughing and freaking out because...we have a BAT in our loft! Immediately we think of the Office episode where this is a bat in the office and Dwight traps it on Meredith's head with a trash bag. So Caleb goes to get a trash bag. *Side note: we grab the camera to document all this hilarious bat action and the batteries are dead. SAD!* 

The bat is hanging pretty high up on the bedroom wall. A trash bag is not going to work. Next plan: we see the open drum cases on the living room floor. HA! A drum case will definitely be big enough for our little bat friend. (We named him Victor) Plan B: put the drum case over the bat, slide the trash in between the bat and the wall, trapping him and encasing the whole contraption in the trash bag. So Caleb gets up on the bed and verrrrrry sloooooowly places the drum case over Victor. The bat is trapped! I get up on the step stool next to the bed to help with the trash bag. Ok so this is not working. So Caleb leaves me leaning precariously over the step stool with my arms stretched way up holding onto the drum case with Victor inside. (Victor has not yet moved) He comes back with a large piece of cardboard from one of our many boxes that I am still unpacking. He slowly slides it under the drumcase and Victor is forced off the wall. He starts screeching and screaming and flying around inside the drum case. But does not escape!! So my smart stud of a husband takes the drum case with the cardboard top down from the wall. We walk down our three flights of stairs and around the corner to the back ally to free Victor. I guess he had gotten used to the drum case because he didn't fly out right away. But after some coercing, he flew away, drum case intact and bat-poop free.

Don't worry, we did not get bit by Victor. I desperately wish we had some pictures. I did take a video on the ipod (since the video camera batteries ran out as well). 

Its a rainy morning here in Kingsport so I'm off to drink my coffee, catch up on Top Chef, and tell my landlords about our bat problem.

I love my life...

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