Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer in Tennessee

So, I decide to start a blog. Mostly because a. I love reading other people's, b. my bff Cara thinks it would be hilarious, c. I can share pictures and such with people not on facebook like my mom and grandma, and d. because life in Tennessee is funny and just needs to be documented!

We moved June 1st and the move didn't go so smoothly but fortunately we have people like Smilin' Billie to welcome us to Kingsport!

My 24th birthday...a little nonmonumental. I spent the actual day in orientation for my j.o.b. at Johnson City Medical Center! But had a fab weekend celebrating with the hubs at Stir Fry Cafe (YUM) and going shopping!

I made the trek up to Indiana to see my cousin Alex and his beautiful bride Emily tie the knot. My brother was a handsome groomsman.

My inlaws came out for the 4th of July and we watched fireworks from the roof and participated in the Kingsport festivities on the street below.

We also went down to Gattlenburg while they were here and met Smokey the Bear.

I am literally obsessed with the farmer's market. So much cheap, delish, local fruits, veggies, and beef just blocks away from me! We have expanded our palates this summer and I am proud to say my husband will eat the occasional vegetable. The man is also eating peaches like they are going out of style. 

Of course, we took a trip back to KC to meet our new favorite nephew George, courtsey of Zach and Audrey Baker.

We just love this guy. And his parents!

There was a quick overview of our summer. Don't worry, more pictures to come. I am starting to decorate the apartment and can't wait for it to come together!

We miss our friends and family a ton but have been super blessed here in the south. A few blessings:
1. I found and started a job within 3 weeks of being here. Its certainly not perfect but who can complain about finding a job that fast in this economy??
2. Target. Its beautiful, new, and only 10 minutes away. Not kidding, we thank the Lord for this all the time!
3. Our apartment. Probably the coolest place we will ever live. And the location is great. Gorgeous wood floors, high ceilings, roof access, and more. Amazing.
4. Stir Fry Cafe: half price sushi on Saturday nights! Holla!

More blogging to come! Now off to drink my coffee and catch up on Top Chef...mmmm.

I love you all!

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  1. sounds like you are having a grand old time in Tennesee! I thought about moving to Memphis for a bit. I'm sure unit 66 misses you as much as you miss them :). I hope things keep going well for you too!