Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mullet Man

My husband has long brown hair. At least he did.

Look at those shiny locks.

The guys at his work have been bugging him to cut it. He said he would if they gave him enough money. Funny because they probably wouldn't give him money to cut his hair, right? Wrong. They wanted to cut it into a mullet. He said if they raised $200 then he would let them. Which would never happen right? Wrong.

The company has a fundraiser for cancer research going on. Caleb said if they raised $200 he would let them cut his hair into a mullet and donate the money to the fundraiser. (Sidenote: I hate when people say they are donating money to cancer or have a cancer fundraiser...really? You want to fund cancer? No, you don't. So don't say it like that.) Anyway, the guys at his work raised $250 for my sweet hubby to let them have at his hair. Awesome.

So Tuesday the district manager was in town. Like the big boss man. Yeah. He heard that they were doing the hair cutting for the company fundraiser and donated an extra $500 in Caleb's name. Nice.

I was prewarned but not prepared for the final result. Check it out!

This isn't even a mullet. I don't know what it is.

He has to wear it like this for one whole week. They call it "The Friar."

Seriously. This is my husband.

Also the district manager was so impressed that my husband would give his hair up for charity that he is sending Caleb and I on a weekend vacation to anywhere we want in the US courtesy of Kiewit. So yay for giving up your hair for  cancer research!

Just another day in the life of the Bakers in East Tennessee...

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  1. Oh. My. WORD! That is incredible all around. Are you letting him go out of the house with you?! ;-) Do you guys know where you want to vay-cay? I'd vote New York or Las Vegas or something exciting like that! ;-)