Monday, March 7, 2011

Favorite things...and a story about how I was right

I haven't had much to post about recently because I have been working a ton. The times I haven't been working, we haven't done much to take pictures of. Things we have been doing include watching tv, eating take out, and sleeping. I would love to post some pics of recipes or recent projects I've been doing around the house. But I haven't cooked a real meal in weeks and my house projects have come to a brief halt due to all the working. I do have a gem of a post for you today: some of my favorite things. Because you were dying to know what they are, I'm sure. And because on Mondays, Hoda and Kathie Lee always do their favorite things and one day I want to be them.

But first things first. I worked all weekend. Which is not one of my favorite things. Although we did have a taco salad potluck on Sunday which was awesome. Here is the story. On Friday night, things started going downhill with one of my patients. I called the resident who was on call and she came up right away. We got into it in the patient's room about what was wrong. The resident told me I was wrong. I told the resident she was wrong. Half an hour later, after rapid responding and transferring the patient to ICU, the resident told me I was right. Victory. I love being right. Just ask my husband.

Anyway, on to my favorite things. I went to lunch with one of the Kiewit girls today and we walked around downtown and discovered this awesome kitchen store. And I bought this. Our disposal always smells gross, especially after a weekend where boys ruled my house and I was at work. I used it immediately when I got home. And now my kitchen smells lemony fresh. Score! You can buy it for yourself at Amazon.

Favorite thing#2: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear nail polish in Gunmetal. I love this color. And I love that after three days of work I have only one tiny chip.

Favorite thing #3: this a gorgeous scarf that Katie Van Sickle got me from Russia. She sent it to me this fall and I have worn it constantly since. The fabric is thin but the scarf is super wide so its actually really warm. I've used it as a shawl on cold airplanes. It looks amazing with my black Calvin Klein coat. It goes with dressy stuff. And I can put it on with sweats. This is literally what I've worn every day off all winter. Long sleeve tee, this scarf, jeans or sweats, and sunglasses. Go to Russia and get yourself one of these. It is life changing.

No, I haven't showered in days, how can you tell?

Favorite thing #4: the shoes in my entryway right now. The ones on the far right are from the cool store downstairs, Sophisticated Starlet. And whoever thought I would be a Converse All Star kinda girl? I think I just love shoes. All of them.
Love these.

Favorite thing #5: this little entryway table that is also a file cabinet. When I moved the office around, this needed to move. And now it catches mail and keys. And I put the pretty little lamp that my grandma got us on it. And this hilarious caricature drawing of Caleb and I at my senior prom.

Favorite thing #6: Diet Dr. Pepper. Because a girl can't live on coffee alone.

And now I will go continue to do laundry, take a shower, and gather all the tax related documents for our appointment tonight. Yay day off! Happy Monday to you all! Over and out.


  1. huh...those plink things look neato.

  2. I love reading your blog too! And your sweet rain boots!