Wednesday, March 2, 2011

State of the House: Guest Bedroom

Funny story on an unrelated note to the purpose of this blog: One of my contacts was bugging me at work yesterday so I finally just took it out. But I can't see anything without contacts or glasses. So I had to leave one contact in. You don't want a blind nurse giving you a shot right? How bout some mystery medication? I walked around most of the day winking at things so I could read them. Someone suggested an eye patch. Finally around 4, I put the contact back in and it felt much better. And the patients never knew. Good day.


Just to prove that I am still on track with my New Year's Resolution, here are a few pictures of my February project. The guest room. It has been a storage space since we moved in, which you would expect. I cleaned it up a bit when we had guests last October, but since then it has really gotten out of control.

Don't you want to come stay at my house?

I didn't even put up a picture of the closet because it was basically impossible to take a picture that showed how entirely awful everything was. We also have a storage space above the closet that was filled with boxes. Yay. After taking many loads to the dumpster and an entire carload of stuff to the Salvation Army, the guest bedroom began to shape up. Important, since Caleb's BFF came in February.

Ahh, So much better.

After I cleaned out the closet, went through a few boxes, and reorganized things, most of stuff actually fit in the closet. Except the two biggest drums. I didn't know what to do with them so I made them into  night stands. And covered them with the Euro sham covers that the bed set came with.  I feel so clever.

Obviously going for an edgy, flower style. Because that is a thing. Ha.

Good thing that this room is clean. Not only did the BFF come visit in February, but my fam is coming to visit later this month. AND when I found out one of the guys Caleb works with is living in a hotel until he can move into his new place, I was like um come live in our CLEAN guest bedroom! Duh!

No more drums. But you can't actually watch tv because its not hooked up. Just a mean trick.

So I have successfully gotten rid of a significant amount of clutter in my house. Which makes it a lot easier to keep things clean. (Who knew?) So I will be concentrating on keeping things clean. I need a plan, obviously. I'll get back to you on that one. I think that my project for the month of March will be just keeping things manageable. I'm working a ton of overtime this month and with other people being in my house for the whole month it might be a little difficult. But don't worry, the New Year's Resolution will prevail!

And now I will go bask in all the glory that is Hoda and Kathy Lee, coffee, and eggs. Ahh.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. lorri! the room looks amazing! i can't tell you how awesome before and after pictures make me feel...i'm cool like that. on an unrelated note: tyshon taylor got suspended for the ku basketball team for having sex with a female player IN allen fieldhouse. i'm sure you already know that but i thought i'd keep you in the loop. he got reinstated today worries.

  2. Nice job Lorri! I'm glad to see at least one of us is keeping up with the resolution!!

  3. Lorri, this is fantastic! Using the drums as a nightstand is such a clever idea indeed! And now that the room is clean it looks huge. Your guests are extremely lucky people!

  4. Thanks guys! Now you can come visit us!

  5. If I end up in TN anytime soon, I'll let ya know! Haha I've actually been to Memphis, TN three times now. Is that anywhere near where you all live?