Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good signs, good times: Voth parents rock it in East Tennessee

I sat down to write this post around 11 and then remembered that *gasp* I had not filled out my NCAA tournament bracket yet AND had not had a cup of coffee. So I sipped coffee and filled out my bracket with half an hour to be spared. That was a close one. Then I remembered that I needed to pay some bills and make some appointments, so I went ahead and did that. As I am sitting here at 12:30 still in my pjs with dirty dishes stacked up in the kitchen and a ton of laundry to do, I'm thinking I should probably not be making a blog post right now. Too bad.

My parents came to visit over my four day weekend and it was wonderful. We ate hot dogs from the hot dog place, ate cupcakes from the cupcake place, went shopping, watched basketball, went to Asheville, and just hung out and got caught up on things. I had fun and hope they did too! I didn't do a great job with the photo documentation. My camera skills and been sub par recently and mostly I am excited for spring so that my pictures aren't all brown. I did get a couple good ones though.

This is my favorite.

A few from our little trip to Asheville:

Drinking sodas from glass bottles. And holding hands.

Root beer float.

Hilarious sign. Who needs a mustache? For 10% off?
I agree with this. 100%.

Asheville is awesome. We love it. And we saw this awesome bumper sticker there.
10 points if you know what this is from.

I think we ate cupcakes every single day they were here. At least I did. A perfect excuse for cupcakes.

Anyway, I love when my parents come to visit! I actually had time to cook when they were here, which I love to do. And I have some great stuff to share. Which I will do tomorrow when I get off work. Because I hear the laundry calling my name!

Have a great Thursday and enjoy the start of March Madness! Rock Chalk Jayhawk! I'm taking my boys to the championship!


  1. Hide your kids, hide your wife! If I had enough gut I would put that on my car.

  2. I get 10 points! And oh my goodness, I want a cupcake right now!!! Thank goodness I have about five days left of having an AWESOME excuse to eat as much as I want!!