Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paintball: It does a marriage good.

I love my weekends off. And I love my husband. He got home from his week away on a "business" trip at like 3am on Thursday morning. Let me just say, this trip sounded like a darn good vacay to me. But I'm just glad he is home. And that I've had three beautiful days off!

Yesterday afternoon we went to play paintball with some of the other guys in the piping department on his job. We were on opposite teams all afternoon and had a great time shooting at each other. It strengthens the marriage, people.

Bring it on baby.

I have a number of large, painful welts on my bod. Somehow, all on the left side of me. You can tell which side went unprotected. I'm pretty sure at least half of those are from my loving man. Like I said, shooting does a marriage good. (See A Tennessee Thanksgiving)

Those guns were heavy. I was not a very helpful teammate. Sorry guys.

We grilled afterwards and watched some basketball. Go Butler! And the guys passed the baby around...
She didn't like it.

Caleb is already in bed, mourning a horrible KU loss. But at least Elite 8 is honorable. Even if losing to Virginia Commonwealth is not. (Who are they anyway??) But I am now and always a proud Jayhawk. Rock Chalk!

Hope you had a great weekend! And have a beautiful week! More recipes coming this week...

PS. Congratulations to The French family on their new addition! He is beautiful!

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