Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby Jax

These pics are a few days late, as baby Jax was born on June 20th.  He is a good sized little guy, weighing in at almost 9lbs when he was born!

Look at his sweet peach fuzz and round little cheeks!

Sorry those photos needed some serious editing. I am not good with the backlight. But holding a brand new bambino is the best! Look at Caleb's sweet smile...awww.

With his dad, Ben

Look at them! Crystal is a total rock star for sure. Those wee little ones make my womb ache. But then I took them some food after their first night at home. And my womb stopped aching after I heard about the long night.

In other, not important news, I had a good work weekend. My patients were adorable. Except for this one guy who drove me nuts. He was still adorable, just crazy. He finally zonked out for a few hours on Sunday afternoon and then woke up crazier then ever. This is how our convo went down at 6:30pm:

Patient: "I need to go meet my brother outside for a cigarette."
Me: "Nope, you can't go outside, you are too sick. Plus, your brother was here this morning and knows you can't go out to meet him."
Patient.: "You can't keep me locked up in here. I'm going to put my clothes on and go smoke a cigarette."
Me: "You have two options: sit in your chair or lay in your bed."
Patient: "I'm leaving to smoke a cigarette."
Me: "Listen. I am the boss and you are not. If you go out to smoke a cigarette with your oxygen on, you will blow up and die. If you go to smoke a cigarette without your oxygen on, you will probably die before you get outside because of lack of oxygen. I don't want you to die tonight because I want to go home soon."
Patient: mean glare

I love nursing. It is so full of hilarious things that other people cannot picture happening.

Now I'm off to do my wifely duty of folding laundry and making dinner...Happy Monday!

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