Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Lists

It's storming like crazy this morning. Perfect for sleeping in, drinking tea, and not going anywhere. I'm trying to knock a few things off my to do list (laundry, laundry, more laundry. How two people make so much laundry is beyond me). So this is a blog post of lists. I'm in the middle of a five day off stretch which makes me forget all that is work and nursing. I love it.

1, On Friday, I had lunch and a mani/pedi with Crystal, the wife of Caleb's boss Ben. She is having a baby TODAY and needed an outing before she is trapped inside with an infant and a two year old for the rest of the summer. I took my camera along to snap some pictures of her in her final pregnant days but she was pretty miserable so I spared her. Check out this post from Christmas, she looked pregnant six months ago! We walked around the mall and people looked at her with pitying expressions. Ah, the beauty that is the final days of pregnancy.

I do love red nails.

2. We went out on Crystal and Benny's boat on Friday night. Because that is where a 10-month-pregnant woman should be: on a boat.

Cash looking sweet.

Caleb and I got to wake board some more and we are getting better. Caleb looks like a stud out there.

Really, we just love being out on the water. Our new motto: always have a friend with a boat.

3. Caleb had to work on Saturday, which was sad. But I went to the farmer's market and got a ton of good stuff. This inspired a farmer's market dinner menu for the week. I hate wasting food but it's hard to get the best out of produce with only two people. My loot: peaches, nectarines, corn, tomatoes, basil, carrots, zucchini, squash, white onions, red onions, and potatoes.

Farmer's Market Menu
Monday: Corn Chowder, bruschetta
Tuesday: Margarita pizza
Wednesday: Burgers, potato salad, roasted veggies
Friday: Pasta Salad (for all the leftovers)
Yum. I love the farmer's market.

4. Then I took myself on a shopping trip to the mall in Johnson City. Reason #871 why June birthdays are the best: everything goes on sale in mid to late June. Also, everyone sends you birthday coupons. So you get tons of stuff for cheap-o! Just because I love a good bargain, here is my list of purchases and savings. Because you know you care about sweet deals.

From Bath and Body Works:
Lay it on Thick hand cream (the best hand lotion ever made), a large three wick candle, a medium candle in a tin, a medium aromatherapy candle, and some foaming hand soap. Original price: $56.50. Sale price:  $26.37+$2.50 tax= $28.87. Amount saved: $27.63. Cha-ching.

From Express:
Two Express favorite tee's: originally $24.90 each, on sale for $10, with $15 birthday discount+tax= $5.48. Amount saved: $44.32

From Aerie:
Five bras, seven pairs of undies, one cami: Original price: $250.50. Sale-20% birthday discount+tax=$92.16

Total spent: $126.51. Total saved: $230.29. Seriously awesome.

Ok, I'm off to bask in productivity, listen to Adele, and play Dance Central. Check back tomorrow for a birthday post! And have a great Monday.

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