Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

To my dad:
Who missed a golf tournament 25 years ago for my birth, who taught me to ride a bike, throw a ball less like a girl, drive a car (way before the legal driving age), who paid for me to learn all the things he couldn't teach me himself, who came to all my concerts, musicals, and even my sporting events, who told me I could be anything I wanted, who taught me how to pray, how to stand up for what is right, and how to admit when I am wrong. I love you, Daddy.

To my father-in-law:
Whose patience, understanding, wisdom, trips to the emergency room, and probably a lot of prayers shaped the man who is my husband. Thank you. Don't worry, you will probably get to enjoy payback to your son in the form of grandchildren some day.

We wish we could be there to spend the day with you! We love you both!

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