Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Christmas in February

Friday, February 3rd was a joyous day. It was the day Caleb finally received his much anticipated Christmas gift. A gun. More specifically, an AR15. It was magical. Tennessee, we embrace your lifestyle completely.

Please note the other gun and knife on his belt. Necessary to protect the homestead.

We went out on Sunday afternoon to shoot her (as in, the gun... guns are girls, were you aware?). Again, magical.

Why yes, that is an old freezer we are shooting at.

He looks so happy.
Ah, Christmas. Extending into February. What could be better?

Now taking ideas for a name for the gun. The other gun's name is Lucille. Again, guns are women. Your suggestions are appreciated.

Recipe post coming tomorrow. In case you aren't really into guns or something.


  1. hi! i am following you all the way from California! I just had to because my fiance has an AR-15 as well, no-name, but it is his pride and joy! your blog is a much needed easy-breezy/go with the slow perspective-thanks!

    1. Thanks for following! Boys and their guns...what do we do? Haha.