Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kingsport Faves: eateries

Hey friends. Have I mentioned that I like to eat? I know, it's hard to believe. But I do. Kingsport had some amazing little places that I loved and don't want to forget! I'm going to start with breakfast and then work my way through the day, ending with dessert. Mk? Get ready for serious deliciousness.

1. Jan-Mar Restaurant: This is the best old school diner breakfast food, ever. The biscuits and gravy are magical. The pancakes are light and fluffy and the size of your head. The omelets are huge. And the hash browns. Oh the hash browns are the best of all. Also, you can buy all this food for like 94 cents.

2. The Mustard Seed: Alas, I have no pics of this. I don't really know why, since I went there a ton. They have super cute southern decor. Their chicken salad is yummy, tomato soup is velvety, their caramel cake is amazing. They also have a sandwich called the Micah's Smash, which is a panini with turkey, bacon, cheese, and some other stuff=my fave.

3. Korner-Copia: Another great lunch place that recently started serving dinner. They have tons of great sandwiches but the reason that I love the Korner is their chicken salad. To Die For. It has curry in it and the flavor is ah-mazing. I could eat this chicken salad every day. Of my life. I like it in a spinach wrap. Too much bread gets in the way of the chicken salad-y goodness. I begged for the recipe before I left. I was denied.

4. The Courtyard: This little place is open only from 11-2 on week days. It has a fountain in the middle of the restaurant and lots of fake ivy and flowers everywhere. Adorable. There are two reasons I love this place: the peach tea and the salad dressing. I probably drink a gallon of the peach tea every time I come here. I don't know how they make it, but this is magical nectar. The salad dressing is some kind of strawberry poppy seed goodness and they put it on a strawberry spinach salad. I could just put a straw in the dressing and drink it like the tea. But over spinach is the more normal choice. They also make some great quiches, the one below is chicken pecan quiche. Yum.

Stephanie, my fellow peach tea addict.

5. T.K.'s Big Dogs: this is the just straight up hot dog goodness. This guy gets classic hot dog combos from ball parks across the country, orders ingredients from where the parks actually get them, and serves them up to local Kingsportians. There is honestly every hot dog combo you could ever imagine. But we get only two: the West Coast dog, a hot dog with guacamole, sour cream, and chili in a pretzel bun, and the Chicago dog, pictured below. My mouth is watering.

6. Pal's: this is a fast food chain that is not Kingsport exclusive. But we don't have it in Kansas and I love it so I'm including it. My favorite food is probably a good burger. This place has huge juicy burgers. When you unwrap them, grease has already soaked through the paper. Judge me if you will, but it is good artery clogging food. The fries have some kind of delicious seasoning on them. And the peachy tea rivals #4's. Also, the front of Pal's just makes me laugh.

7. Stir Fry: Just a block from our loft on Broad Street, I have probably been to this restaurant more than any other non fast food restaurant ever. We ate there so much that we ate almost everything on the menu: sushi, stir fry, noodle bowls. After we got tired of eating these things, we switched to the American menu of burgers and fries. It was all good. Stir Fry also had delicious cocktails and insanely amazing carrot cake.

8. Zaxby's: I'm throwing this one in for my husband. Fast food chicken that we do not have in Kansas, honestly this was not my fave. But my man craves this like clockwork on Sunday afternoons. I will give them one thing: their fried white cheddar bites. So good. But who hates fried cheese?

9. Sweet CeCe's: this is a new frozen yogurt place and we only went there once. But it is definitely worth a mention. I had the pomberry sorbet with wide variety of toppings. Perfect for summer.

10. Babycakes Cupcakery: this place was right next door to my loft and my downfall. Amazing cupcakes, a free cupcake on Wednesdays, the reason I gained lbs. Lemon crumb, chocolate ganache, red velvet, carrot, fresh strawberry, blackberry, birthday cake, wedding cake, nutter butter...I could go on and on.

Lemon crumb. My favorite.
So there it is. Excuse the mix of instagram and other photos. But this is the good stuff. I loved discovering Kingsport through food. Check these places out if you are there!

And now I go to work off the damages done by all this goodness.

Happy Tuesday!

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