Thursday, June 7, 2012

My husband built a power plant.

I just uploaded pics of my camera and found these that someone took. My husband built this, with lots of other awesome Kiewit peeps. Tell me this is not super cool. It's a power plant. And it works. Thanks to my hub's sweet skills.

We saw this go from the ground up, in just a little more than two years. So cool. And so proud of my hub. Just had to brag a little.

Strong work, ladies and gents. Strong work.


  1. looks awesome! and in only two years, wow. how does your husband like working for kiewit?? My fiance interviewed with their central district (construction management), but ended up taking a job elsewhere. but they do some amazing stuff!

    1. He likes it a lot, it's a ton of long hours and work though! And of course it moves us anywhere! But Kiewit is a great company and does some great work! He is in the Kiewit Power Constructors district, I know there are a ton!