Thursday, February 10, 2011

Office Space

Happy Thursday morning! I have finished another long stretch of work and emerged without too many battle scars.  The fabulous work weekend (said with heavy sarcasm) really did me in. I had Monday off to recover and then fought through the last two days. They weren't bad, just really really busy. No one died or almost died or cussed me out or fired me from being their nurse. (It was a bad weekend.) I could tell some people were cussing me in their head but they didn't do it out loud, so its all ok. (The housekeeper hates me for many reasons.)  But now I have four glorious days off and I woke up bright and early at 7am to get things started off right.

We have been super lucky here in East TN to escape all the snow that the rest of the country has had. We did wake up to some today. I have yet to go out in it, maybe the first time ever that is has snowed and I was not scheduled to work. Good thing my man has his new ride.
I know, super lame compared to the rest of the country.

I celebrated the beginning of my holiday with the latest episode of Glee and a yummy breakfast of eggs with bacon, spinach, and onions. And coffee, duh.
Don't judge the other things on my coffee table.

So my State of the House project for February is the guest bedroom. I will start that today, I promise. But Caleb begged me to make the office area my project before the guest bedroom. I do have to agree that it was really really bad. Since we live in a loft, there's not really set rooms other than the bedrooms and bathroom. So this is our little carved out office.
Yeah, gross. That bookshelf is literally about to collapse. 

So I bought a new bookshelf organizer thing, moved things around, and cleared out the clutter. The hub built the organizer for me on Sunday while I was at work. Also, we have multiple printers that need smashing. See if you can find them all in the pictures. It's like Where's Waldo, Office Space style.
So much better.

Love this cube organizer. Yeah I still need to organize the third cube down on the left. The Gatorade bottle holds change. Maybe I should get a cooler change holder.

Our office space is KU themed. The pictures are straight even though they don't look like it.

So the office space is cleaner and more organized and the husband is happier. The rest of the house has suffered from all the working. *Sigh.* I am still trying to keep things clean and not messy. I am starting on the guest bedroom today. As soon as I get back from a nice Target trip.

Pictures of the new car to soon as I see it in the day light. Have a great Thursday!


  1. lorri, the office looks amazing!!! seriously, great job. and my mouth is watering from looking at the picture of your breakfast. i guess i should go eat lunch. haha!

  2. You did a really good job on the office! I love your blog by the way. It's absolutely HILARIOUS! haha How are your lives in TN going? I totally forgot that you had moved out of Kansas...miss ya guys fo realz!

  3. You’ve certainly made some noticeable changes with your office space. Cleaning can make a big difference. An organized space can look more spacious, and that will help foster productivity and concentration. Anyway, it’s good that you removed the other cabinet. The space looks lighter now, and you have more space to move.

    *Blake Mitchell

    1. Thanks so much! It was a sweet little space!