Friday, February 4, 2011

The week in list form...and a cute pic

Ahh its Friday night, Caleb is jamming with his buddies from work, I'm making soup to take to work on Sunday, and I've just finished my first day of this three day stretch. I haven't had much time to do anything this week let alone blog about it. My house is not very clean. That is the truth. I could clean now instead of blogging. But I'm not.

Nine things that happened this past week:
1. I went to the gym. Once.
2. We went to a new church with our friends Angela and David. We liked it, but we miss Westside.
3. I fulfilled my January goals for cleaning.
4. We watched Despicable Me. Twice.
5. I cooked. Once.
6. I worked. Every single day. Some days were classes. But no days were free.
7. I got an awesome paycheck. Because of all the working.
8. Target stopped carrying my favorite yogurt. I hope its because of all the blizzards up north and they just didn't get the shipment in.
9. Caleb got a new CAR! Its a 2008 Acura RDX. He is crazy excited. He wanted to go on a road trip to Kansas next week and then remembered we have to work. To pay for the new car. Ha. But he is super stoked! I bet everyone he works with is happy because now he will stop talking about looking for a new car. I am also happy about this.

And finally, here is a super cute pic of my adorable nephew George that my mother in law sent to me.
Rock Chalk!
Do you not just want to kiss that face? I would like to say for the record, that I am not getting anytime in the near future. Someone put a baby in my arms today at work and told me I should have one. No. No thank you. But I will cuddle your child and love him and kiss him and spoil him. And then give him back to you.

Ok I'm off to bed. To rest up for a weekend of work. Happy Weekend! Lemon out.

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