Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our new ride, a day trip, and some Valentine's goodness

We decided to take Caleb's new Acura RDX on a little day trip over the weekend. We live about an hour from North Carolina and had yet to enter the state. So on Saturday after sleeping till 10:30 and then getting a little Zaxby's chicken goodness, we set out for Asheville, NC. It was a beautiful day and taking the turbo charged engine on the winding mountain highway was pretty fun.

We stopped at a scenic overlook. Because that's the kind of girl I am.
My man loves his new ride.

I think it would be much more scenic in the summer. When everything is green as opposed to brown. 
Mmm check out those lovely brown trees.

Being Kansas folk, we do appreciate some quality mountains. No matter what color they are.
Love that.

Turns out downtown Asheville is a straight (ok curvy) shot down the highway that goes right through Kingsport. And it was beautiful. Super artsy, hippie, lots of cute boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and bars. Reminded us a little of Lawrence. Especially with all the musicians with their cases open.

There was a cool shopping center called the Grove Arcade. I loved all the windows. And we found a game store with hundreds of board games. Including a whole shelf of Settlers of Catan add ons. Cha-ching!
There were also many coffee shops with lots of chocolates. Yum.

So we had a fun day exploring in Asheville. Which is an hour and half drive. Or an hour if you speed. It was just nice to get out of Tennessee for a day!

On Sunday, I made some s'mores brownies for Caleb to take to work on Valentine's Day. They were easy and SO good! I highly recommend them. Make these for the people you love.
I had to sample them.
I think they were gone by 9am Monday morning. Because s'mores brownies are part of a balanced breakfast. We both spent Valentine's Day at work. My boss decorated the break room and we had lots of candy and cupcakes and treats. It was a crazy busy day so I didn't really sit down. But I did manage to go in and re-energize with sugar throughout the day. Why eat lunch when you can eat cupcakes and conversation hearts? Caleb and I made pasta carbonara for dinner (Caleb knows it as "bacon pasta") which is delish but not for those watching their waistline. But that's what Valentine's day is all about, right? I'll post that recipe sometime soon. Because it is awesome.

And just for fun, here is a picture of us on our first Valentine's Day together. Caleb came to visit me at KU. He brought flowers, a bracelet, and chocolate. We went to dinner at Paisano's. And then made out. Just being honest.
Valentine's Day 2006. Hot.
I hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful! Valentine's Day means winter is almost over. Yay!


  1. that car is BEAUTIFUL!! so jealous! looks like your trip was magical. i love that you're my sister-in-law too...i want you guys to come home already!

  2. love the old pic! wonder who took that? :). love you, brownies look delish. i can't wait to come visit and go to asheville!