Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Happenings: go-karts, bbq, reading, and muffins

We had a beautiful, relaxing weekend. It started with Chick-fil-a and Starbucks, the way every weekend should start. Because those are the finer things of life. Then after I conquered the farmer's market and the skinny jeans, we headed to Pigeon Forge to meet up with some of Caleb's coworkers. Pigeon Forge is like the place where everyone goes. Everyone and their whole entire family and everyone they know. It doesn't matter when you go, the traffic is always horrible and everything is packed. But people keep coming back. Because it's just good wholesome Tennessee fun. (Haha)

We raced go-karts all afternoon. I got lapped on the first round and after that I smoked all those boys. (Kind of.) I have no pictures of us racing because I was racing the whole time everyone else does. This is why I'm not a good photographer. But here is a lovely picture of the neon sign.

My arms are still sore. Because I'm a woman and I have weak arms.

Afterwards, we went to Bennett's Bar-b-que Pit and it was amazing. I love bbq and this was no let down. I do miss some good Jack Stack and Oklahoma Joe's though...
So good!
Yesterday, I wore my cowboy boots and my skinny jeans. A winning combo, people. And no, you do not get evidence of this. I felt very Tennessee and Caleb made fun of me the whole time. We went to his coworker's house and they installed new speakers in Caleb's Civic while I sat in the shade and read. I started and finished Water for Elephants this weekend and loved it.

Today is my last day off before an insane amount of working. So it still counts as the weekend. I was walking with Stephanie and we saw a strawberry stand and bought the most magical strawberries ever. Seriously, so freaking good. My fridge was bursting with strawberries (I just can't stop buying them!) so I made these little babies.
You too, can have this deliciousness.
Here is the link for Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffins. I even subbed half whole wheat flour and low fat cream cheese and they are still perfection.

I'm finishing 6 loads of laundry, cleaning, cooking dinner, and fighting off a cold...but I still have time to make a blog post. Happy Monday!


  1. Um...DELISH muffins! I'm so excited because I'm planning on making cake balls for the first time this week, and it's getting me so excited to start being really creative in my cooking! And, I TOTALLY want cowgirl boots! Where would I find such a thing?

  2. Wellllll I got them at a western store in North Carolina, but I know Tractor Supply has a good variety! The brand I have is Sonora, but I know nothing about good boot brants!