Thursday, May 5, 2011

State of the House: May. And how I am not giving up on my resolution.

The title of this post was going to be "State of the House: April" and then I realized that April is over. Wowza.

So my house is kind of a mess. (And by house, I always mean apartment. Or loft. Because that sounds cooler.) Surprise surprise. I just got done with a long run at work and I picked up tomorrow so its a long week that didn't involve much cleaning. I did have a good breakfast this morning. Which included week-old breakfast casserole (it was still delicious), strawberries, and coffee. Mmmm.

I love you, morning off.
And this is what my coffee table looked like without the close up.
Yep, its true. And this is the best part of the apartment.
I decided I need to make a plan to keep my house clean and neat. Because my New Year's resolution is not going awesome. I know this is super basic to some people (read: almost everyone) but I need an outline! So here it is folks. Written down for me to refer to.

Daily: (especially on work days)
-clear dining table and coffee table
-put dishes in dishwasher (as in: not the sink)
-wipe down kitchen counters
-place dirty clothes in hamper (this is ground breaking stuff, I know)
-make bed before leaving for work

Whew. And I made a real cleaning schedule for days off. I usually work four days a week and am off for three. Sometimes I only work three days. So this schedule would give me at least one day off from any cleaning (except daily chores).

Day off #1:
- Dusting in living room, dining room, kitchen, and office (really those are all connected so its like one big room)
-Vacuum all of the above
- Mop all of the above
- Organize office space
- Clear out fridge

Day off #2:
- Dusting, vacuuming, moping in bedroom (and spare bedroom if needed)
- Pick up closet
- Clean both bathrooms:
        -clean shower
        -clean toilets
        -clean sink, mirror
        -clean floors

So there you have it. The more I look at this list, the more simple it seems. *Sigh*

Does anyone else out there have a schedule for cleaning? Am I crazy?

Ok, I'm off to a Cinco de Mayo par-tay. Because Cinco de Mayo is a real holiday in which Americans partake off Mexican food and Mexicans don't celebrate at all.


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