Monday, September 12, 2011

Get your cook on!

Happy Monday friends! I just finished a nice long stretch of a work weekend. I'm also battling a cold and PMS, not a sexy combo. So this is a somewhat belated post, I just wanted to share some yummy recipes.

First, Spinach Lasagna Rolls. These are awesome, healthy, yummy, and vegetarian. And it was super easy and quick to make. Caleb even took them as leftovers for lunch the next day. That is epic, folks.

When Kerry came in town over Labor Day weekend, we cooked it up. That girl taught me how too cook back in our roomie days, so it was a good time. We made these Buffalo Chicken bites. Good for football season!

Ker made these Pesto Chicken Stuffed Shells for us when she stayed an extra day and we had to work. So so good! She stuffed manicotti instead of shells, perfect.

We also made Weight Watchers Corn Chowder. This stuff is good, Caleb didn't even know it was supposed to be healthy. Win!

These Chewy Cherry-Oatmeal Cookies got rave reviews at my work. It was totally the butta, people. (Butter=not healthy, in case you were unaware.)

I actually haven't cooked anything in a week, so tonight we are having meatball subs and salad. I need to get my carb on. I've also been getting my laundry on.

Hope you are having a fabulous Monday! Now go trick your man into eating something healthy. Or at least something with butter in it...

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  1. Yuh-uum. Wishing I didn't order pizza tonight...almost...