Friday, September 23, 2011

Nashville Nicole

Happy Friday! On a scale from 1-10, with 10 being ecstatic, I am a 10 that I am not at work today. I even cleaned my house after a class I was taking on Wednesday so that I won't have to clean today. Smart, people.

Anyway, last weekend we ventured out to Nashville, home of country music, the Titans, and my darling cousin, Nicole. Some vendor at Caleb's work gave him and coworker box seat tickets, so they football-ed it up while Nicole and I ate and shopped.

We brunched at Marche: mimosas, french toast, and omelets. Ah-mazing.

We shopped at the Mall of Green Hills (free valet parking? yes please!). And then met up with Caleb after the game for some pizza at Nicole's place of employment. That I don't honestly remember the name of. But it was delish!

Love this girl. She is gorgeous, awesome, and has VERY cute clothes. And she is tall, so I wore some wedges so we could be kinda the same height. I am very very jealous of tall people.

Quick but successful trip to Nashville! Cuzin luv forevah!

Sorry to switch it up, but I messed with this photo and like the b&w. I also love the original of this photo which includes Nic's boyfriend creeping in the background. Loved him, fo reals!

I love weekends.

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  1. wow, that food looks glorious! and yes, your cousin's boyfriend is a creeper...but i feel like i'd like him!