Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The perfect weekend: rafting, tornadoes, baking disasters, and bffs.

Alright friends, we have a few things to catch up on.

1. I took a class today for my work (because when I'm not nursing what I really love to do is learn more about nursing). I am now eating cookies and milk because that is what you do after school.

2. It has been raining for three days straight.

3. My house is full of sweets and leftovers of my bffs was in town for the weekend!!! Kerry and I have been friends since the epic 6th grade. It was epic, I'm telling you. We've made it through jr. high, high school, boyfriends, college, living together, and she even survived my wedding. Ha. I love this girl. And we had a wonderful weekend doing crazy Tennessee stuff, baking, cooking, and pretending we were in college again. My darling husband tolerated us very well, I will have to say.

We got our antique on on Friday and hit some stores. It would literally be impossible to go to all the antique stores within walking distance in one day. Literally.

Kerry and I perused the farmer's market on Saturday morning. We got lots of samples. That's the best part of the farmer's market. We also got a gallon of peaches. Divine.

We got some greasy diner breakfast (amazing), picked up Jeff and Emily, and then headed out to the Pigeon River for some intense white water rafting. Kerry didn't fall out. But I did. Par usual. You can't really take pics as you are battling the rapids, so here's a group pic from afterward. Never mind that everyone looks super relaxed except me. I look like I'm about to bolt or something. But really I was just trying to get down so you can see Durbin behind me. And tell the Indian man taking this photo how to zoom the camera lens out.

We stopped for dinner at the AppleHouse restaurant for some good country cooking. They had apple fritters, apple cider, fried chicken, chicken and dumplings...mmm.

As we pulled in Saturday night, three fire trucks pulled in behind us. Turns out there was a gas leak in the building across the street. From the TORNADO that came through Kingsport. It took out the Hobby Lobby! I move to Tennessee, I still get to play Dorothy, who would have guessed? So naturally, we grabbed a couple beers, the zoom lens, and headed out to the roof to watch the action. Caleb took the pics for me, because I am literally terrified of standing on the edge of the roof. A good 10 feet away, thank you. We did enjoy watching the action. Being on the edge of the roof freaks me out, but the possibility of getting blown up from a gas leak obviously doesn't.

On Sunday, we made a peach cobbler for a bbq. Same peach cobbler I've made at least 3 times this summer. Unfortunately a tiny mistake like switching baking powder for baking soda will result in this.

Good thing we bought a whole gallon of peaches.

Kerry was supposed to leave early Tuesday but thanks to me calling and getting her flight cancelled (kidding!), she got to stay an extra day. And we came home from work to a clean house and a hot dinner. She finally got away at 5:30 this morning. Loved having my bestie in town for the whole weekend! (And having my hubby home for three whole days!)

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