Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fools Prank: For the man who isn't ready for kids

This is my one day off in between runs of work. Like the tiny creme part of an oreo. The part that should be bigger. But I just need to document and share my April Fools prank on the love of my life. Because it's probably a one time shot. And it was hilarious. Even if only to me. And my coworkers.

(Also I downloaded this photo effects app for my phone so my phone pics can have funky effects. Its fun.)

Friday was a great day at work. My patients were wonderful. I am orienting someone (Hi Cecile!) and soo its kinda like two people to do the work and it is mostly very good. Friday was so good that we had time to come up with a great prank. Actually, my pregnant coworker thought of it. She takes pregnancy tests, we all take them home to our husbands. I am all in.

Puzzle effect. Oooo.

So we call up our boss to go to the dollar store to buy us some pregnancy tests (no need to overspend here, folks). I debate actually taking the pregnancy test home. But know that I probably can't pull it off because I cannot lie. I do not have a poker face. At all. 

Pink effect. Very nice for the girl child that the test indicated. Kidding.

I decide I should text him. Because that is how I would tell him I am pregnant for reals. (So not!) Someone suggests I start the texts early in the day ("Baby, I am so nauseated, maybe from that salmon we ate last night?" "Bleh, I have been throwing up all morning" "Everyone at work thought I should take a pregnancy test...")

Negative effect. Like the result of a pregnancy test if I took one right now.

I didn't really know what to do. Sometimes he doesn't keep his phone on him at work so I thought maybe my texts would be in vain. But at lunchtime the pregnancy test arrived and my adorably pregnant coworker, Stacey, donated some urine to the cause.

Black and White. 

Coworkers gathered around (all girls plus the pharmacist Jason, who just happened to be situated in our place of gathering). I sent the following text to my unsuspecting hub: "We need to talk tonight." Nothing scares a man more than the threat of a good talk. He immediately texted back "Ok...why?" I sent the following picture and waited for response.

Check out that plus sign. It means pregnant.

I waited for a couple minutes. Then my phone rang (not really rang but buzzed. I was at work people). "OMG should I answer it???" "UM YES answer it!"

(Some shuffling in the background)
"Good joke honey."
"What? What are you talking about?"
"You aren't pregnant"
"Umm...yes I am...oh whatever...April fools! Did you at least freak out?"
"Yeah! Till I counted on a calendar and realized it wasn't possible."
"Haha. But you freaked out for real?"
"Yes. Not funny. I love you and I'm glad you aren't pregnant and I have to go back to work now."

*Laughter from me and coworkers* It was mostly me who got the humor out of it. But it was worth it. And it made the day so much funnier.

(Note: all the patients still got above average care. My joking did not cause any harm or neglect. Don't you worry.)


  1. THIS IS HILARIOUS! I just died laughing! You're terrible though...I would've died if my future wife did this to me lol.