Thursday, April 14, 2011

Food City Expo: how a giant shopping cart and millions of samples can make my day

Today is my day off before the weekend work madness happens. I decided to celebrate by going to the a food expo at the convention center near by. They lured me in with promises of food samples and celeb chef Jon Ashton (I don't even know who that is. But I do now because I caught a glimpse of him from afar.).

I drove up to the convention center and was greeted with this. This is hilarious. And for my sister in law Audrey, who thought Food City was hilarious. Who doesn't want a race car/go cart with a giant shopping cart on the top? (We are in Tennessee, Nascar is like a religion here.) Excuse all the phone photos.
This is awesome/awful/hilarious.

I thought it couldn't get better than the giant shopping cart. But don't worry, I got to meet Miss Food City herself and snag an autographed pic.
Can I be the next Miss Food City? I think if you are queen of a grocery store you should be a little fatter...just saying.

And then the rows and rows of booths with food. I ate lunch from all the samples. I learned how to make "healthy" snacks from a lovely cooking demo (that Miss Food City participated in!). I saw Chef Jon from afar. And I took home tons and tons of food samples and coupons and recipes. It's actually kind of amazing. I learned fast that if I stopped to talk to vendors for more than 2 seconds they would either give me 1. extra coupons 2. extra samples or 3. the full size product. Yesssss.
The loot. Which included deodorant, a wooden spoon, and fresh produce, thank you very much.
I was also super excited because Famous Dave's bbq sauce was featured and there is a Famous Dave's in KC and I love all things Kansas City. AND the Indiana kettle corn was there which I have not had since I was in Indiana last summer. I walked by the booth 3 times before the man offered me a full size bag. Yes please. I am shameless.

Mostly this was funny and I wanted to share. This is what I do alone on my days off. I need some hobbies...

Happy weekend everyone! While everyone else enjoys sunshine and 70s, I will be working all weekend (darn those student loans). Enjoy the spring weather!

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  1. I love your funny, positive way of writing! :) Have a nice work weekend! :)